How should I set up a sideways ram in my new build?

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    I have just completed another dual-cpu build PC incorporating 4xhd, 1xdvd, and 16gb ram. Unlike my last attempt I installed a sideways ram or solid disk for the boot drive, 60gb wired to a Sata3 socket. The remaining 3 drives are the usual rotating types.

    Can any member offer suggestions how to best install this drive? I am thinking along the lines of :-

    Is a swap partition necessary at all? If so what size would be sensible given that this drive is for system files work files and temp files only. If thought necessary where should it be placed in relation to the boot partition, before or after, or is that of small importance? I have taken advantage of release 19.3 which makes it easy to place $home on another drive.

    Are there any further observations that I should become aware of regarding sideways ram drives?

    Thanks in advance for all suggestions.


    If you mean an SSD, I’d put the O/S onto it, (less any swap that you may want – put that on a regular HDD).

    (I sometimes use an SSD, I only have a / & /home on it.)

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    Hi roland, it would be helpful if you clarify whether you mean an SSD or
    RAM-based solid-state drive which has internal battery and controller and
    is possibly better used as a swap device.

    If you have SSD advice from fatmac is solid. In modern purchased sytems the SSD is
    also used for swap but with settings for that kind of drive. Intent is to keep data
    in RAM rather than swapping early as is more often done on HDD.

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    It is an SSD I think, it directly replaces a Sata3 rotating drive using the same cables and fixes onto a 5.25″ adapter as if it were a 2.5″ rotating HD.

    I am interested to learn any tips that may be appropriate for this setup, knowing nothing whatever about them. My son tells me they can be fragile if wrongly handled regarding setup.


    SSD, fragile if wrongly handled regarding setup,
    That is pretty much a mythical animal, if you do not swap to the ssd and make sure it is
    cooled as much as possible it will very likely last a long long time.
    In any case with the memory you have and antiX swapping is unlikely to be a major problem.
    Unless you are running really heavyweight stuff anyway.

    Just remember when an SSD fails it is in most cases sudden and complete rather than like HDD which often
    gives warning signs.

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