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    This will probably be the last of my “how-tos” for a while, but I didn’t want to stop without addressing this:

    One aspect that Linux lacks is that it has no free official clients for some Cloud services, like Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive.

    Note: Open Drive is an unofficial Google Drive Client you can install from the Package Manager

    I posted, a tutorial, a while back about how to access Google Drive like it was a network drive. Since then I played a bit with rclone and found out if works amazingly well.
    You can install rclone (it’s a tiny download) from synaptic or using the terminal:
    sudo apt install rclone

    Rclone is a command line application that allows users to access and mount many cloud services like they are network drives.
    It has a non official GUI, rclone-browser, that does a pretty decent job letting user access their remote files using a Graphical User Interface. But, it lacks a few functions.
    Since I like using the default antiX file managers ( In fact I only use SpaceFM), I stiched together a GUI that works pretty much like rclone-browser, but using your default File Manager to access remote files. You can drag and drop files one way or another, open remote pdf files or media files. But, to open document remote files, you’ll have download them to your computer and open them from there (or configure LibreOffice to access remote files).

    Anyway, my experimental script is available in the link below:

    How to use this script:
    1- if you have not done so, install rclone
    2- you have to configure a cloud account. Google Drive can be automatically configured by pressing a button. All other cloud services have to be configured using the terminal, typing answers to simple questions. Once the account is configured, you won’t need to use the terminal again:
    2.1- To configure a new “remote” cloud account launch the script. It automatically detects if there are no configured “remote” services and asks if you want to configure one account.
    2.2- Click the “Help” button, if you want to see an example of how to configure a Google Drive account (it’s the same principle to configure any other cloud service- when presented with the long list of available services, type the number of the service you want to use)
    2.3- Click the “Automatically add Google Drive” button if you wish do to so. Enter your credentials when the browser asks you to, and allow rclone to access your google drive. Once you have done that, Click the “Quit” button and the main window pops open OR
    Click “Manage Drives”, and a terminal configuration window pops up. Answer the questions until you complete the config process. Then click the “Quit” button and the main window pops open.
    3- To access a configured Cloud Drive, launch the script and, at the main window, double click the “remote” cloud drive you want to access. It pops open in your default File Manager
    4- To unmount your Cloud Drive, launch the script and click the “unmount…” button.

    New, more mature version of the script:

    Changes: the script now as a GUI for configuring a Google Drive account- the user doesn’t even have to see the terminal to configure access to a Google Drive account!
    Also several minor change, and added a Help page.

    As always, any feedback is welcome!


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    • This topic was modified 1 month, 2 weeks ago by PPC.
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