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      IceWM is the default Window Manager for most antiX’s versions- this means simply that IceWM is the program that manages how windows are drawn and managed on your screen (see the border around it, with the minimize, maximeze/toggle and Close icons? It’s drawn there by the current Window Manager). IceWM also includes a taskbar (usually down on the bottom, with the “start menu” on the left, quick launch icons, list of currently running windows, system tray and Clock), it also includes the start menu itself (that lists favourites, all apps, organized by cathegories, also some extra options, like control center, exit, etc)

      You can change the way the window borders, the menu and the taskbar look- Menu > Settiings > Themes (sorry, I’m using antiX in Portuguese, so it may look different in English) > Select the desired theme from the available list.

      0 – Make sure (via the terminal or using a File Manager) that the folder /home/[user_name]/.icewm/themes exists (note: [user_name] is your current “user name”)

      1 – You can add loads of themes, available, for free, here:

      Select the theme you want to use (usually there are some preview pics of the theme) and download it.

      2 – Go to your download’s folder using your default File Manager and extract the compressed file (in zzzfm, right click it and chose the option to “extract” it). Please note: in my case, using zzzfm, I get the theme folder inside a new folder that has the name of the compressed folder- usually they are the same (ex: /home/ppc/NewTheme/NewTheme).

      3 – Using the File Manager, copy the last folder (the one that has the files inside it (not the on that just has a folder with the same name inside it) to /home/[user_name]/.icewm/themes
      You should get something like /home/[user_name]/.icewm/themes/NewTheme (if you wish to check it, enter that folder. If it has the “default.theme” config file and possibly some images of the icons that will be used on the window decorations, then you did it right)

      4 -Now you have the new theme installed and available for selection, on the alphabetically ordered menu of available themes (if for some reason it isn’t then – restart icewm/ your session/ your computer ).

      Here are some suggestions: do you want to make a Windows 10 user feel a tiny bit more comfortable in antiX? (it has both a light and dark theme, in includes a Wallpaper and a “Start Menu” icon that probably will get sued by MS, but the window decorations look smooth – I probably will try to create a theme based on this ones…

      Also these is available in lots of “accent colors”…

      This one: has lots of “accent colors” and also a white and dark theme (and is comfortable for someone coming from Windowz, without trying to clone it)…


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        Hello PPC,

        I followed your how-to.

        Bigre, it works well, as usual, of course.

        Thank you.

        Friendly.Serves to mark astonishment or indignation.

        Edit : bigre
        French definition = “Sert à marquer l’étonnement ou l’indignation.”
        Translate = “Serves to mark astonishment or indignation.” Here, in my msg, it’s astonishment, of course.

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        Vive antiX !
        Vive le Groland !


          … Nice tuto PPC.

          I have that one (VistaBlack) since my beginning of iceWm (or almost) with an other background 😉

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