How to connect a 3g usb modem with connman?

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      Greetings, thank you all very much. The solution to install sakis 3g, it worked. Now if I can install antiX 21 with confidence that it connects to the internet. Although still, I have a question:

      1.- Will they know a way to activate sakis 3g from the menu entry?

      Sorry for the delay.

      Saludos, muchas gracias a todos. La solución de instalar sakis 3g, funcionó. Ahora si puedo instalar antiX 21 con confianza de que se conecte a internet. Aunque todavía, tengo una pregunta:

      1.- ¿Sabrán una forma de activar sakis 3g desde la entrada del menú?

      Disculpas por la tardanza.

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        Not sure myself if sakis 3g will be included in the menu on autostart apps in the control center on full iso. Like where cups is at .

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          You can try this, .. from terminal
          sudo geany /usr/share/applications/sakis3g.desktop
          It will open the desktop file of sakis with geany

          There’s one line with
          Change it to
          Exec=x-terminal-emulator -e sakis3g --interactive

          I’m not sure if sudo is nessecary, if the above will not work change the line to
          Exec=x-terminal-emulator -e sudo sakis3g --interactive

          You might have to update the menu afterwards, menu > update menu
          The menu entry should work now.
          If you use icewm it’s also easily possible to make a starter in your taskbar now.
          menu > applications > antiX > toolbar management in icewm

          Very nice sakis3g works for you.


            Thank you caprea. I tried your recommendations. And I got the following results:


              Yes, I am going to use icewm as a window manager, so I did the configuration you said, and if it works, the activation of sakis3g from the toolbar.


                The strange thing is that it doesn’t work from the desktop icon.


                  And it also doesn’t work from the location shown in this image.


                    Hi wilson, did you update the menu, menu > update menu Refrescar Menu

                    Never use desktop icons because always covered by working space so can not help with that.


                      Probably the desktop icon was created before you made the changes.If you like to have an icon, please open your file manager (rox-filer or zzzfm) and go to /usr/share/applications.
                      From there you can drag and drop the sakis3g.desktop to the desktop with your mouse.

                      The menu-entry should work (it does here) after refreshing the menu.Does it work from the toolbar at least ?


                        Hi ModdIt, thanks, yes the solution was to refresh menu.


                          Greetings, caprea. Everything works with the solutions you mentioned!! Thanks a lot. The problems have already been fixed.

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