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      I try to fix the papersize when I use “print to pdf file”.
      My HP printer works very well and the format paper is A4.
      I modified the ~/etc/papersize file. I have added the format “a4”.
      But if I try to print to pdf file with my Chromium browser for example, I have the US Letter directly.
      Each time, I have to modify the A4 printing format. I thought it was related to the variable fr_BE but it’s not the case.
      I couldn’t find an option in the control center to change the print settings.
      Does anyone know the solution?

      Best regards,



        It’s fixed.
        You select:
        1) Menu,
        2) Applications,
        3) Preference,
        4) Print Setting. You have the “Print Setting-localhost” window
        5) On the PDF icon, right click, choose “Properties”,
        6) In the “Printer Properties – ‘PDF’ on localhost” window, choose the line “Printer Options”,
        7) On the line “Page size”, you can fix the paper size.

        Best regards,


          Thanks for reporting the solution.


            Hallo Wallon,
            another way is to go behind the scenes and enter localhost:631 in a browser, that is the adress for the CUPS Printing service.
            You can add, delete, configure printers as well as set defaults including paper size for each and any printers you may have setup,
            this is including the print to PDF which is a virtual printer.

            Well worth taking a look, you will see that the printing setup is way more powerful than the print setting GUI window suggests.

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