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      Hello @caprea, on your T60, you could try the “uxa” acceleration method if not already set.

      There is indeed a switch on MX Linux to try intel driver with “No tearing” option, instead of modesetting. But the switch I suggest here could include the “acceleration method” as well. Actually I struggled a long time before I gathered info about this point, and I guess it could be nice for part of antiX users that lean towards old hardware (even if antiX is even nicer on a modern laptop :) ).

      As @Brian Masinick wrote, that’s not a big deal on more recent laptops like a X201, but I can see on the old 2006 Fujitsu laptop that it could make the every day use more pleasant. Just because you wait 4-5 seconds instead of 20-25 seconds to open abiword for example… same with palemoon.

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      Brian Masinick

        I had a few chances to use earlier versions of MEPIS and antiX on much earlier versions of the Thinkpad laptop, such as the T42 and T60-61 long before I got the X201.

        I also was blessed to have a Dell Dimension 4100 desktop and a Dell Latitude D600 that I also used with antiX and MEPIS; the 4100 was used with many different distributions between 2001-2009 including the very first private build mentioned to MEPIS Lovers.

        Brian Masinick

      Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)
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