how to install nvidia 304 Legacy Antix 21

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      Hi there
      i installed antix 21 on old pc but the resolution is weird and i need to install NVidia 304.137 for my nvidia 7200 GS
      after i do this im planning to make a video with my own language cuz i know lot of people have bad pc / laptop and this distro is the one
      thank u in advance for anyone who come here to help


        Have to give you a negative answer, to the best of my knowledge nobody has yet managed to get the Legacy NVidia setup working.
        I tried for hours, was unable to get things working.
        For that you would be better advised to use 19.4 and be patient. NVIDIA dropped help and support so if you want to blame someone
        or write to
        2788 San Tomas Expressway
        Santa Clara, CA 95051

        Look at the bullshit about corporate responsibility sustainability on their website. as an owner of one of their products I want to Puke.


          Did you try to set the resolution with arandr ?
          control-centre > session > arandr
          Are you using the nouveau driver now ?


            check this guy video and my comments with him maybe we can all help eachother
            u can auto translate the subtitle to english

            the thing is that this pc is not mine and i need to give it back rly soon


              @Touhami_Dz – Youtubers usually don’t reply to comments, so don’t get your hope high… But yes, that youtuber (I just fast forwarded the video) seemed to have found a way to install the driver in pure Debian 11- if the process does not imply using any systemd dependencies, it should work in antiX 21 (once installed, antiX is basicaly Debian 11 with window Managers instead of a Desktop Enviroment, and sysvi instead of systemd- and a lot of costumized scripts and applications).

              Like Caprea said- if your only problem is the screen resolution, you can try setting it with arandr.
              The open source drivers for Nvidea do work, but not for accelaration- so if you don’t intend on running video games with good graphics or play HD video, they could work fine for that computer. that being said, I do have the NVIDIA driver installed in my trusty old antiX 19.X 64 bits office desktop)



                arandr i tried it it doesnt work and this pc is going to be used to watch youtube a lot so i care about having nvidia driver installed )=


                  Will take a look at the vido, I have two devices with NVidia graphics hardware and the driver
                  does make a big quality difference.

                  Better to watch you tube with smtube or ytfzf, whether with or without the Nvidia driver,
                  lighter than with a browser. sm tube is already set to show preview results from search not
                  just text titles. ytfzf can do that too with helper application but maybe not so easy for
                  beginners to get used to. It is though very powerful.


                    You can also get get some information in this thread

                    Better to watch you tube with smtube or ytfzf
                    this is a good tip.

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