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      I want to evaluate Antix for an HP t520 thin client. It has 4GB RAM, which should be plenty, but no internal disk. I can boot into the Live system from a USB thumb drive, but the installation to a USB harddisk stalls at some point.

      For this reason, I would like to try the CLI installer, in the hope that it has better troubleshooting information. However, I don’t find it in any of the boot menus. Pressing function keys has no effect. How do I launch it?

      I am using the x86_64 version released on Oct 31.

      Thanks in advance.

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        Why not investigate running with persistence from the flashdrive? Many people do. antiX is designed to work well that way.

        /usr/local/bin/cli-installer might be what you are looking for?

        I see there is another package that sounds like it might be what you want… I’ve never tried it.

        Script for installing antiX to usb device.


          I think you need 2 USB, one to install and one for the live usb…

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            Thanks! To my shame, I thought that cli-installer was a function of the live boot menu rather than a shell script on the running Antix system.

            I figured it out eventually and ran it from a terminal window. It completed, but unfortunately the disk is not recognized as bootable. More troubleshooting required.

            I will definitely look into the persistence option.


              I know this is marked as solved, but I have a possible solution, even easier than setting up persistence (It’s not hard, but persistence implies several steps to set up)-
              If you want to simply test antiX and not install anything, you can run it live and save any documents you create on the user live folder sorry, I forgot how it’s called). You can even have .appimages there, and have any .appimage you want available in live mode…

              Edit: thanks BobC, I meant ” antiX-Live-usb volume called /Live-usb-storage/demo”

              To have a fully working system (that you can update, install apps, etc) persistence is the way to go, although a bit slow, it’s perfect if you don’t have a hard drive in your computer.


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                Running without internal drive, do it quite often especially while testing
                during repairs.

                I do a personal live remaster after after updates or changes to configuration,
                Save files or downloads to live USB storeage or another stick.

                Persistence is great but slows the system more than I like. Using the remastering
                I have very fast boot, better in many cases than with a spinning drive.


                  I also use what I think PPC is referring to.

                  If you create a live USB and let antiX have all the space, you will find that you can have a folder

                  in the antiX-Live-usb volume called /Live-usb-storage/demo and if you store files there you don’t need to use persistence and the files still stay there after rebooting.


                    Many thanks for all the suggestions.

                    I believe the disk that I wanted to install to (a spinning disk connected via USB) has a flaky connection, which led to errors. I have ordered an M.2 SSD and will try that. Meanwhile, I did get Persistence to work, although I have to admit I still don’t understand all the options.

                    Right now, Antix works quite well without disk and with Persistence. Sometimes, programs take their time to start up, but it’s not a concern. A very interesting OS.


                      Dear berndbausch,

                      I use a Live USB stick to install antiX on a good USB3 stick or External SSD (in Legacy mode and not UEFI mode). It works really well and is very fast.

                      Best regards,

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