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      Today I had boot my core i5 Thinkpad with 4 GB memory in to windows 10 Pro,

      What a user experience, windoze turns my othwerwise fast laptop in to something
      that feels like being caught in a black hole influence where everything is
      slowed to near standstill.

      In comparison antiX is in warp drive.

      Normaly I only use windoze to update my car diagnostic system, this time round I am trying
      to fix my Transcend 64 GB USB stick, first a full format then try to fix/update the buggy
      controller software with the trancend online tool. If nothing works it goes in the
      recycling bin. Not at all impressed with trancend quality and longevity.

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        How to really appreciate antiX?

        20 year old computer. Works great with antiX, so long as it isn’t crippled by only 256 MB RAM — found 3 unused 512 MB RAM cards from old, dead computer hulks — three RAM slots? Cool! — so now 1.5 GB RAM.

        Only things it has some trouble with are the modern browsers & virtualization. (No virtualization at all. That must not have been a “thing” back then.)

        Just to play around, I hooked it up to the (now somewhat dis-used) recreation room TV. Kids are grown up, so it only sees use when the grandkids come over.

        Two looong extension cords for the keyboard & mouse, a $7 vga-to-hdmi converter later, and I’m teaching my grandson to play frozen bubble & extreme tux racer (among others) on the TV. He has video games at home, but not these. These are special to Papa’s house.

        (AMD Athlon XP 2200+). One frugal antiX 17 for the bulk of the games; one frugal antiX 19 that boots into a generic hlwm for whatever I can make it do.

        Like I always say, antiX is MY OS, whether old or new computers. 🙂

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          Sure likes my chromebook. If I get off my butt. Chromebox should be next.

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          How to Search for AntiX solutions to your problems


            Back to antiX, feels much better than doze10.

            After several attempts I was able to update the controller software on my Transcend 64 Gig stick.
            Not really sure if I should have spent so much time on it but for now saved from trash.

            Anyone with Jet Flash devices may be well advised to update them using the online tool.
            It is a bit weird, I had several fails, just kept unplugging and trying again as advised by service.


              @Moddit- I had a similar experience with antiX and windows 10- my office desktop pc is a single core with3 gig of RAM, that came with windows10 pre installed- It worked, so I thought I would not mess with it- after a while (about a day?) it began to fell sluggish, so I switched to the old hd that still had MX 19 on it… Wow, a lot better! The next day, I took my antiX pendrive and tested it on that machine- after booting it live and testing for a couple of minutes, I clicked the “install” button- taking care not to delete my windows10 partition in the newer hd, just in case…
              I tried a couple of times to test Windows10 again- last time was probably over one year ago… I don’t want to keep beating a dead horse… The computer runs MX 19 just fine, antiX 19, even better! It’s like it’s 2 completely machines, one modern (with Mx/antiX) other ancient (win10).

              Note: I don’t want to bash MS- I’m not a hater- I liked MS until they began to try to be just like Google and mine the crap out of everyone’s data… They do make very nice products- like MS Office, and from what I’ve heard, Ms Plane simulator is very good- Windows 10 does, in most aspects have a very nice User Interface- so much that my current tint2/jgmenu borrows many ideas from it- yes I do have “Tiles” of a sort on my Start Menu. I even tried out Edge (looks nice, no doubt, and feels a bit faster than Chrome), and I have my “On-line Office” icon on my toolbar, just in case I need to read/edit some strange docx file…
              The only thing I think I’m missing in antiX- basically not having snaps available (since, for now, they require systemd)- but hey, I remember when flatpaks didn’t work without systemd too… so, maybe there’s hope for snaps too…


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                Sure likes my chromebook.

                Right. antiX likes mine, too! And reading that you were successful installing antiX on yours, helped me decide to do so as well — plus, I kept seeing cheap prices on ebay for Chromebooks past update-deadline.

                I bought one for < $50 on ebay. 4 GB RAM, from 2015. My “newest” computer. My daily driver. (I did some research first, to make sure I didn’t end up buying a $50-paperweight — because I wouldn’t use ChromeOS…)

                So long as I could wipe ChromeOS & install a Linux distro, I knew I could install antiX. And, so, antiX did not disappoint. I have a couple frugal installs running on this 16 GB tiny internal SSD/MMC (with a barely-visible 32 GB USB storage stick, mounted at /home/demo/Live-usb-storage).

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                confirmed antiX frugaler, since 2019

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