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    so far I am pleased with AntiX, although the wicd network manager kinda sucks. Anyway, I have a problem, and that is that there are only qwerty layouts for czech keyboards, and no qwertz (which 99% of czech keyboards actually use). Not a big issue, I just need to run two commands that swap Y and Z. I have a .sh script containing the two lines of code, and I want to run it every time the computer starts. I tried putting it into /etc/rc.local and /etc/init.d/, to no avail.
    Is there some special way to do it in Antix? The ways I listed before work fine under Mint and Raspbian.
    Because I am slowlz going crayz bz tzping on this kezboard

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    Control Panel.
    Edit fluxbox,jwm,icewm settings. Whichever you are using.
    That is a one way to start.

    Global Desktop session < in the antix control center also > is another place to get a good start to include your scripts on startup.

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    if the package console-data is installed, there should be a czech-us-qwertz keyboard file in

    what I could see, the czech standard keymap should be this one. So try this layout via the control centre of antiX.
    Good luck !

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