How to save zzzFM settings?

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      Yes, I apologize beforehand for so many threads already… I did too much “research” on my own during whole weekend, and many doubts arose…

      I make some changes in zzzFM, such as in View -> Preferences and View -> Style. But where are these settings saved?

      Cannot be ~/.config/zzzfm/session* files as I initially thought; for starters they do have a warning about editing, and deleting them does not restore zzzFM to defaults at all. Nor deleting entire ~/.dbus directory…



        The answer is provided within the installed zzzFM User Manual.


        Upon first-run, zzzFM creates a directory, pathed at: ~/.config/zzzfm/
        and here it will save a “session” file containing your settings (preferences) along with details representing the current state of the running program
        (the number of panes, the arrangement of panes, the location currently displayed within each pane). Each time your launch zzzFM, it will restore itself
        to match the state of the previous session.


        While the zzzfm program is running, it updates the session file frequently.
        This file should not be manually edited.
        To be clear: it is a plaintext file, and you certainly COULD choose to manually edit it… but the running program may overwrite your changes and/or may crash at next launch if your edits have introduced invalid settings//values.


        -c, --config-dir=DIR         Use DIR as configuration directory
        Normally, your session file and other user files are saved in ~/.config/zzzfm/
        To make zzzfm read and save your files in another directory (~/.config/zzzfm-alt in this example),
        stop ALL <i>instances</i> of zzzFM and run:
            # first stop all instances:
            killall zzzfm
            # then:
            zzzfm --config-dir ~/.config/zzzfm-alt</pre>
        IMPORTANT:  The config directory path must not contain spaces or other special characters.
        Also, if /etc/xdg/zzzfm/ exists, its contents will used to pre-populate the user's config directory
        (if such doesn't already exist) during first-run startup.

        additional note:
        If you delete or rename your session file, upon next launch of zzzFM that file will be recreated using /etc/zzzfm/zzzfm.conf as a template.

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          Yes, you’re totally right.
          I really apologize to you, because of not RTFM… My bad here.

          The step I was missing was closing all zzzFM instances beforehand; hell, I was messing with the session files from within zzzFM itself!


            Hope this is no longer a stupid question…

            Manual mentions a Help -> Options menu; however what I currently see under the Help menu is: User’s Manual, FAQ, and a strange blank space which does nothing.

            Is this expected? Or could it be a bug?
            Thanks again.


              Not exactly a bug. Call it an oversight.
              If you run spaceFM, you can compare “what WAS there, in the menu+submenu” vs what’s currently seen in the zzzFM help menu.

              IIRC, one or several of the items pointed to ONLINE docs and support URLs. I adamantly insist that all necessary docs should be installed locally**… and I had no plans to link to a zzzFM git{hub,lab} issue tracker. What you’re seeing in the status quo probably reflects the fact that I chosen to blank some of the text labels (rendering the affected items unclickable) rather than entirely removing the unused items.

              **and insist on avoiding the prospect of opening (from a root-permissioned file manager window) a root-permissioned web browser instance.

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                I’m so sorry @skidoo , I didn’t manage to start with translation of your zzzFM manuals to German and other languages still. Setting up antiX 21 and migrating all what is needed (read: what I need) to the new version will still take some time, before I can proceed to this task. I had to break the automatic translation of zzzFM on transifex also, since one single language of this elephantine string set takes a complete day of (unattended) processing, and while struggling with the setup of 21 and some hardware issues (noisy fan in notebook, driving me mad) I have to reboot permanently now, switching between 19 and 21, so my translation script can’t run undisturbed that long these days, as it did before. Half of the 100 languages are translated already, having it run 24/7, and once they are completed finally there will be the corresponding .mo files for use available also. I’m aware of the fact that in many languages these machine translations will probably need manual fine tuning, but this is a first version for use, so people see they can have it in their own language. Meanwhile foreign language users are informed how and where to go and what to do in case a translation in their native language doesn’t fit, this was what I had written the translation info script for.

                and insist on avoiding the prospect of opening (from a root-permissioned file manager window) a root-permissioned web browser instance.

                Why this? Maybe I’m wrong, but couldn’t you simply prevent this by writing the code calling the browser from within zzzFM in a way that it always runs it in normal user context instead of root-permissioned, even when zzzFM itself runs as root? At least in scripts this is not that difficult to achieve, maybe different in real programming languages… So in case this is the single reason which keeps you from having it online you could consider this proposal.

                Many greetings

                Windows is like a submarine. Open a window and serious problems will start.

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