how to troubleshoot and solve an "AppImage fails to run" scenario

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      The post contains a list of libraries which, for compatibility reasons, must NOT be bundled inside AppImages.
      An AppImage package will (must) assume these are present, if needed, on the host system.

      If you have downloaded and chmod +x (installed) an AppImage-packaged program, and find that it will not launch, or does not run properly:

      Launch it from commandline, and note any mention of missing libs.
      Bear in mind: the NAME of a missing library, and the name of the repository PACKAGE which provides that lib may not be idendical.
      To determine which prerequisites are missing, you can use “ldd” and/or “apt-cache” or “apt-file” or “dpkg-query” commands.
      A manpage exists for each of these; specific to the task at hand, you will find quick tips/instructsion here:

      After “apt-get install” the package(s) which provide the missing required libs, relaunch the AppImage -packaged program.

      The “correct name+version of the package(s)” is deternimed by which set of repositories YOU are using with YOUR system.
      Although someone might, in a followup post, lookup the package associated with each (currently 49) item in the list
      …a comprehensive reference would necessitate creation of multiple, separate, lists for
      (antiX systems using jessie repos)
      (antiX systems using stretch repos)
      (antiX systems using antiX testing + debian testing{aka buster} repos)
      (antiX systems using {whatever and} debian sid repos)


      March 2018 (The github list states: “This a working document; expect it to change over time.”)
      ref: (provides the reason/explanation for each listed item) ________ (OpenGL) __________(part of the OpenGL video driver)


        Nice. Thank you for the list info. I just checked out Appimage for the first time after seeing this post. Really can’t get any easier.

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