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      From May 8 2023 many users complained printer is no longer functioning and that its screen has turned blue with the error code “83C0000B ” displayed.
      OfficeJet 902xxx series printers.

      Latest scams, Firmware update in Jan 2024 makes usage of non HP Ink, Toner impossible without a firmware downgrade.

      Recently noted: user complaint about poor print quality with a HP Laser jet. All prints were coming out stripy and blurred.

      Fix was to go in to Printer settings then : set to HP Economy paper.Previous setting did not state HP paper was in use.

      HP Toner and Inks are sold at disgustingly high price levels often with a so called abo.

      A total NON RECOMMEND for products of that company. An open statement
      Due recent experiences and users despair

      I WILL BUY NOTHING AT ALL UNDER HP NAME or AS FAR AS POSSIBLE no products associated with that company.

      Time the EU Legislates against such practices. Plus a punitive fine and if not accepted immediate sales ban to protect
      EU Citizens.
      Trouble is they are probably busy sleeping in overheated brussels offices or trying to figure out what to do with all the
      forgotten by lobbyists, briefcases hidden under the desk.

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