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    I have an old 32-bit system that will not boot to usb.

    I hear through dolphin oracle videos that the “from=usb” option on the F4 menu of the live boot will allow me to start the boot using the CD/DVD and then hand it off to the USB to finish booting (hybrid boot) (2 part system).

    In order to help with testing the new versions of 32-bit AntiX, I would like to have the same CD/DVD boot every time and just update the usb with each new ISO.

    Is that possible? Or do I still have to burn a new CD/DVD each time I want to test a new iso?

    Loving AntiX (and dolphin’s videos!)



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    I think the booted iso and live usb need to match.


    Oh, well. I was hoping that would be possible…
    Great to hear from you! I love your videos! (Did I already say that?)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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