I don't know how to update Firefox on Beta Cacerès..

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    Good evening,
    I tried to update Firefox by downloading a newer version, but it didn’t work anymore !

    I would like to know the way to do that update !


    Anti X / Ubuntu 18.04 / IPAD 12

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    firefox-esr (default) is now version 60 and is a simple apt-get dist-upgrade

    When you say it

    didn’t work anymore !

    can you be more specific.
    What did you do?
    Type firefox in a terminal, any messages?
    What happens (exactly)?

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    Perhaps you tried installing from a downloaded file from the website?

    The correct way to upgrade/update software in antiX is to use the repositories. Running the apt-get routine as anticapitalista suggests will upgrade your Firefox program to the latest version in the repositories. If that version is not new enough for you please ask the developers for help in temporarily enabling a repository that may have a newer version. Then disable the non-standard repository after the install of Firefox is done.




    This is the way I tried : Menu>files>download>firefox>browser and ??? nothing….
    It lacks something but what ?
    Thank you

    Anti X / Ubuntu 18.04 / IPAD 12



    Hi there ! Finally I found the way to update firefox ! It happened with the “sudo su” command (superuser is unknown in the FAQ,s !) and with superuser password !! Anyway, a good job done….

    Thanks again to give the strength to find his way !!


    I have Beta Cacerès in french (thanks to translators) but the word “dépôt” ( repo ) is unknown in the Menu……

    Anti X / Ubuntu 18.04 / IPAD 12

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