I have downloaded a document in an unknown language !

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    Good evening !

    I don’t know what do you think about that : I have received a mail from my insurance company with an attached file, but it is written in a language I don’t know and it is in an unreadable format !
    Is there something to do ?
    Thank you

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    I don’t see a harm in copy paste to translete.google.c0m but if you have no clue where it came from it is probably spam and you should treat it as such.

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    You’re Insurance company address is the header in your email address. Does it match contents in contacts?
    Unknown Language > red flag
    File attached > do not open or download till you figure it out with like

    https://www.snopes.com/ or a google search

    Once. Way back when. I had to go through one of these.

    Simple way out. I would just fwd email back to my insurance company and say I don’t speak their language
    I am sure they will clear it up.

    Otherwise. I would not touch it with a ten foot pole.

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    Thank you but I must apologize for the mistake : it is not a mail at all but a download from the site’s company itself.
    I tried to download it from another computer with Ubuntu 18 and it gave me the right text in french as usual. I asked the company about that and they answered that my software needs update.
    What do you think ? Thank you.

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    @corsiglia, perhaps all you need to do is set the language in your browser.

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    Thank you all : but I have checked the language in the browser Firefox, and it is always the same language as 4 years ago : French ( or “français” precisely ).

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    Il est où le lien? C’est quoi comme assureur?


    “Unreadable format” implies to me that you can’t open the file — but you would have to open it to see that it’s in an unknown language…. See what file(1) says about it. If that’s inconclusive, post the output of xxd -g1 <filename>|head (or try od(1) or hd(1) or hexdump(1) if you prefer one of those).

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    Thank you all ! it is rather complex and in fact It is not an important point as my other computer with Ubuntu 18 works fine with that contact !

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