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      hello I hope you are well, I consult the following, trying to change the interface language, I had to uninstall libreoffice, which is included in antix 19.3, the question is that I cannot install it again, using the terminal or the package manager.
      I am using the 84 bit version. Could you help me? i’m migrant from windows, new to linux


        Maybe we start by making sure the old LO is removed cleanly please do following in console
        sudo apt-get purge libreoffice? libobasis?
        sudo apt clean
        sudo apt autoremove

        Then install the LO you wish for from the packet installer, not synaptic, the language option is
        also to be found in that application.

        You have marked a very old version, maybe not the best idea, latest works fine.

        using the 84 bit version ūüôā you mean 64 bit but no matter.



          hello I hope you are well, I consult the following, trying to change the interface language, I had to uninstall libreoffice.

          You didn’t need to uninstall libreoffice to install the language pack.

          As ModdIt mentioned, use the Package Installer. The Libreoffice version you will find with synaptic package manager is older than the one you can install on the package installer.
          Search for and install:
          It will install the latest Libreoffice (and not the older version)
          The second will install the Spanish language package.

          The reason you are getting this error is because you uninstalled some of but not all o the packages related to Libreoffice from the original antiX 19.3 installation. We don’t know how you uninstalled them, but the ones that remained on the system are not compatible with the older libreoffice version you were trying to install using Synaptic package manager.

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            Thanks for answering. Copy the commands and remove the old version of LO.
            from the package installer select the one in the image, but it was not installed.
            What am I doing wrong?
            (84bits? Does not exist) error


              Hello @ ecalderontanti07

              Welcome to antiX Linux and the forum.

              I do not know how to write in the English language, I will send a text translated by the English language internet translator.

              As our languages ‚Äč‚Äčhave some similarity, prefer to translate from Portuguese to Spanish.

              You said you had LibreOffice already installed, I assume you are using “antiX full 19.3 64 bits”.

              I will try to help you …

              Try the following steps:

              1-Update antiX, Menu, antiX, antiX Updater, if you ask for your password, type and press Enter.

              2-After the update, Menu, System, Package Installer or Instalador de Paquetes.

              3-In the search type LibreOffice, find and mark the full version LibreOffice Latest, also select the language “Espa√Īol_LO” … followed by your Office version (ex: “Espa√Īol_LO_full”).

              4-Find other translation options for other programs that you want to install, check all that you want, note that as soon as you mark an item, the “Install” button will be available to receive the left click.

              @PPC was kind enough to create a tutorial in Portuguese that is much better detailed than I can do at this moment, with the help of the internet translator or a browser that has the built-in translator (Chromium or Google Chrome) it will be more easy for you to translate the tutorial. Both browsers that I mentioned can be installed easily using this antiX package manager program.


              I hope this can help you.

              If you are able to install, please let us know.

              When you start a topic or participate with a post on a topic, remember to check the option ‚ÄúNotify me of follow-up replies via email‚ÄĚ.

              (Original text in Brazilian Portuguese)


              Ol√° @ecalderontanti07

              Seja bem-vindo ao antiX Linux e ao fórum.

              Eu não sei escrever em idioma Inglês, enviarei um texto traduzido pelo tradutor da internet em idioma Inglês.

              Como o nossos idiomas possuem alguma similaridade, prefira traduzir do idioma Português para o Espanhol.

              Voc√™ disse que tinha o LibreOffice j√° instalado, eu presumo que voc√™ esteja utilizando o “antiX full 19.3 64 bits”.

              Eu vou tentar te ajudar …

              Tente os seguintes passos:

              1-Atualizar o antiX, Menu, antiX, Atualizador do antiX, se solicitar a sua senha, digite e pressione Enter.

              2-Após a atualização, Menu, Sistema, Instalador de Pacotes ou Instalador de Paquetes.

              3-Na busca digite LibreOffice, localize e marque a vers√£o full LibreOffice Latest, selecione tamb√©m o idioma “Espa√Īol_LO”‚Ķ seguido da vers√£o do seu Office (ex:”Espa√Īol_LO_full”).

              4-Localize outras op√ß√Ķes de tradu√ß√Ķes para outros programas que voc√™ queira instalar, marque todas que voc√™ desejar, observe que assim que voc√™ marcar um item, o bot√£o “Instalar” estar√° dispon√≠vel para receber o clique com o bot√£o esquerdo.

              O @PPC fez a gentileza de criar um tutorial em idioma Português que está muito melhor detalhado do que eu consigo fazer neste momento, com o auxílio do tradutor da internet ou de um navegador que possua o tradutor embutido (Chromium ou Google Chrome) será mais fácil para você traduzir o tutorial. Ambos os navegadores que eu citei podem ser instalados facilmente por meio deste programa gerenciador de pacotes do antiX.


              Eu espero que isso possa te ajudar.

              Se você conseguir instalar, por favor nos avise.

              Quando voc√™ inciar algum t√≥pico ou participar com alguma postagem em um t√≥pico, lembre-se de marcar a op√ß√£o ‚ÄúNotify me of follow-up replies via email‚ÄĚ.

              (Texto original em idioma português do Brasil)


                thanks, i did what i indicated moddlt
                I’m sure I’ll screw it up when I uninstall LO


                  Just so you and others know in the future, antiX Linux is based on Debian stable. Some programs from Debian stable are a bit old (up to 2 years older) in comparison to the new ones available from the software creators.
                  The package installer in antiX has both the old Debian programs and newer versions under the name “Latest”

                  You can see, for example libreoffice, there are two versions
                  Office-Libreoffice(US)_full and Office-Libreoffice(US)_Latest_full
                  The second one (Latest) is the latest version antiX has available, while the one without “latest” is the older one.

                  Searching is a bit difficult in the package installer, but some key works still work.
                  For example, for the SPANISH language of Libreoficce, you also have the language pack for the “Latest” edition, and the one for the older edition. If you install the newer (latest) edition, you will also need the language pack for the latest edition.
                  Spanish_LO_full vs Spanish_LO_Latest_full

                  If a program is not available in the package installer, then you can try finding using synaptic package manager. Normally, the newest editions will be found in the package installer.

                  I hope this helps.

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                    @ ecalderontanti07,

                    Mientras escribía, los colegas fueron mucho más rápidos que yo y ya respondieron.

                    En la imagen, seleccione Office-LibreOffice_Latest (US) _full.

                    Luego busque “Idioma” y busque el “Spanish_LO_Latest_full” que @Xecure recomend√≥.

                    Estás cerca de la solución y es a través de este programa fotográfico.

                    (Texto original en portugu√©s brasile√Īo)



                    Enquanto eu digitava, os colegas foram muito mais r√°pidos do que eu e j√° reponderam.

                    Na imagem, selecione o Office-LibreOffice_Latest(US)_full.

                    Depois localize “Language”e encontre o “Spanish_LO_Latest_full” que o @Xecure recomendou.

                    Você está perto da solução e é por meio deste programa da foto.

                    (Texto original em idioma português do Brasil)


                      muchas gracias hermano sudamericano, intento con las indicaciones que diste


                        Thanks, I was able to solve it with everyone’s input.
                        help is fast.
                        long live Antix!
                        more and more away from windows


                          Good the problem is solved, you were thinking a bit too complicated. No worry.
                          you wrote I’m sure I’ll screw it up when I uninstall LO,
                          please do not be frightened, when something is not so easy or a risk we will say so and why.
                          If unsure you will be asked questions.

                          I gave you the exact commands to copy and paste in to the terminal so no mistakes to make.
                          If you have issues uninstalling for any reason the console is your best friend.


                            again thanks, copy the commands as you indicated and it works perfect.
                            I recommend Antix to every person I know.


                              I had the same issue for the French localisation. I lost hours before to find the solution here… THis is an issue very ennoying. Maybe the antiX dev, will be happy to know it.


                                The solution in command line is to use the option backport:
                                # apt -t buster-backports install libreoffice


                                  The solution, as explained above, is to use the package installer and install anything tagged as “latest” before trying to use synaptic or apt in terminal.
                                  All the work was already done by the antiX dev so there is no need to go around in circles.

                                  antiX Live system enthusiast.
                                  General Live Boot Parameters for antiX.

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