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      I’ve been using antiX for close to a year now on a wide range of hardware, and simply love it.

      I’m an intermediate Linux user who tried understanding how the system works and dabbled around with it a lot, but I find some of the documentation not very clear, nor very organized. The efforts are good, including the YT videos et c, but there is room for improvement.

      I mostly lack a proper antiX manual.

      I’m a pretty ok technical writer I think, and I’d like to help.

      How can I start out?

      Thank you.


        dear anarchy_79,
        you can have a look at those 2 brilliant jobs already done in Italian by Spartak77 and may be that you can have some inspiration:

        good luck


          Also, you could use the “Contact Us” at the bottom of the page.
          There is also antiX wiki (link at the top of the forum page): http://antixlinuxfan.miraheze.org/wiki/Main_Page
          Hopefully, your intention can be used to fill in some of the not yet covered topics there.

          BTW, a new release – antiX 23 – is intended in the imminent future, some of the things may change there.


            Hello anarchy_79.

            I suggest you follow in the footsteps of the Italian translator team led or started by Spartak77. Work on creating a complete manual was started by Spartak77 and was followed by the other Italian translators. In the Italian topic you will find another PPC initiative in “pt” language that I adapted to the “pt_BR” language.

            Another ongoing work is by the French translators/programmers team that you can check in this topic Documentation française.

            If you are a native speaker of a language other than English, you can help us with translations, get more information in this thread antiX and antiX Application Program Translation Platforms. But if you are a native English speaker, you can help us by proofreading the texts of programs that were created by non-native English speakers on the Transifex translation platform. When texts are poorly written in English, they reflect negatively in other languages and these texts can only be improved by native English speakers. I usually say the following, when a text is well written and it doesn’t matter the language, even the automatic translator can do a good job of translating and anyone can understand.

            I appreciate your enthusiasm for antiX and your willingness to help. There are several ways people can help, just choose the one that you have the most skill or that you like to do the most, do one at a time and try to do it well.

            – – – – –

            Olá anarchy_79.

            Eu sugiro que você siga os passos da equipe de tradutores Italiana liderada ou iniciada pelo Spartak77. O trabalho de criação de um manual completo foi iniciado pelo Spartak77 e foi seguido pelos outros tradutores Italianos. No tópico Italiano você encontrará outra iniciativa do PPC em idioma “pt” que eu adaptei para o idioma “pt_BR”.

            Um outro trabalho que está em andamento é da equipe de tradutores/programadores Francesa que você pode verificar neste tópico Documentation française.

            Se você for nativo de um idioma diferente do Inglês poderá nos ajudar com as traduções, obtenha mais informações neste tópico antiX and antiX Application Program Translation Platforms. Mas se você for nativo do idioma Inglês, você poderá nos ajudar revisando os textos dos programas que foram criados por pessoas que não são nativos do idioma Inglês na plataforma de tradução Transifex. Os textos quando estão mal redigidos em idioma Inglês refletem negativamente nos outros idiomas e estes textos só podem ser melhorados pessoas nativas do idioma Inglês. Eu costumo dizer o seguinte, quando um texto é bem redigido e isso não importa o idioma, até o tradutor automático consegue fazer um bom trabalho de tradução e qualquer pessoa consegue compreender.

            Eu fico contente pelo seu entusiasmo com o antiX e por sua vontade de ajudar. Existem várias formas das pessoas poderem ajudar, apenas escolha a que você mais possui habilidade ou que goste mais de fazer, faça uma de cada vez e tente fazer bem feito.


              Thank you, great suggestions.

              I have been writing technical documentation for a long time, working in IT in many different capacities.

              Incidentally, I lived in Portugal for a year about ten years ago. I speak some Portuguese and try to learn when I can. I very much appreciate posting in both English and Portuguese, because I read them both and it is a great way for me to practice. In fact, I am currently considering starting a business in Portugal sometime early next year. Just as an aside. 🙂

              I will look into the links you guys provided, thank you for the help.


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