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    You can install i3-gaps with dependence’s also build a .deb at the same time with i3-gaps-deb. You must do this from a local git which is easy.

    First make a git folder in home. then from this folder run “git init“. you now have a home git.

    Then down the files from here https://github.com/maestrogerardo/i3-gaps-deb
    Download the zip file or git clone https://github.com/maestrogerardo/i3-gaps-deb

    Open a terminal from your i3-gaps-deb folder and type ./i3-gaps-deb then enter. That it..
    I also added deb-src http://ftp.au.debian.org/debian/ bullseye non-free contrib main [OR bullseye to buster] to the repo list.

    If you are using spacefm press F4 to open a terminal from the folder you have open.

    T430 i7-3632QM 16gb , antiX-19.2.1-runit_x64-base Hannie Schaft 29 March 2020 , 5.8.16-antix.1-amd64-smp

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