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    I wrote the code to display a submenu called “Drives” which will show a menu option for each block device, like CDROM, Floppy, Hard Drive or Partition, USB Flash Drive or Partition, or SDHC card or partition, etc. It will open the file manager as root passing that device name as the parm. As you can see in the pic I gave it the kitchen sink for a test.

    Is anyone interested in having this available for stock antiX19? If no, just say no we don’t want it and skip the rest of the post so I don’t put more effort into it.

    I got it working, but when I generate the dynamic menu on the fly, I used the icon the system had on the menu, but I see that there are now different menus for different icon sets.

    Currently, I am generating it with the default icon set I had at the time I wrote it.

    Is that subject to change, and if so, would that be stored someplace that I could maybe retrieve it and then use when generating the drives list?

    I post a zip file of the code too… It only works for IceWM obviously.

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