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      Dear Marcelocripe,

      Here’s the second test with the [fr] version.
      Everything is well translated and the applications work correctly.
      I merged the old po file and the new po file with poedit. I didn’t have to copy and paste to recover the old translations.
      On the screenshot, the new translations are surrounded by a red rectangle. Now there’s also a space between the last word and the colon in the titles.
      All perfect!

      Kind regards,


        Hello Wallon.

        Well done Wallon!

        Now we are absolutely sure that the “icewm-manager-gui.pot” file you prepared works.

        I have some observations:

        “# A colon “:” will be added automatically by the program at the end of the sentence.”

        Missing the dot “#.”

        What is “#, sh-format”?

        I asked anticapitalista for permission to update the “icewm-manager-gui” resource with the file you prepared.

        I can quickly make these corrections from the “icewm-manager-gui.pot” file (


        – – – – –

        Olá, Wallon.

        Muito bem Wallon!

        Agora sim temos certeza absoluta que o arquivo “icewm-manager-gui.pot” que você preparou funciona.

        Eu tenho algumas observações:

        “# A colon “:” will be added automatically by the program at the end of the sentence.”

        Faltou o ponto “#.”

        O que é “#, sh-format”?

        Eu pedi autorização para o anticapitalista para atualizar o recurso “icewm-manager-gui” com o arquivo que você preparou.

        Estas correções eu poderei fazer rapidamente do arquivo “icewm-manager-gui.pot” (



          Dear Marcelocripe,

          According to the Transifex documentation, there are two ways of adding a comment to a pot or po file;

          Either the # character followed by a space.
          Or the # character followed by a dot.

          Here is the link to Transifex support;
          Comments in a PO file

          As I don’t have the rights to work with Transifex because I’m not coordinator, I have to work with poedit which is provided by antiX.
          As standard, poedit doesn’t put a dot after the # character to determine the comment.
          So I don’t have to waste my time adding a dot after the # character because it’s 100% compatible with Transifex.

          I hope anticapitalista will support us in updating Transifex. It’s also a huge plus for distribution if you want other users who aren’t English-speaking.

          Kind regards,

          Cher Marcelocripe,

          Selon la documentation de Transifex, il y a deux façons d’ajouter un commentaire dans un fichier pot ou po;

          Soit le caractère # qui est suivi d’une espace.
          Soit le caractère # qui est suivi d’un point.

          Voici le lien pour le support de Transifex;
          Ajouter des commentaires dans un fichier PO

          Comme je n’ai pas les droits de travailler avec Transifex car je ne suis pas coordinateur, je dois travailler avec poedit qui est fourni par antiX.
          En standard, poedit ne met pas le point après le caractère # pour déterminé le commentaire.
          Je ne perds donc pas mon temps à ajouter un point après le caractère # puisque c’est 100% compatible avec Transifex.

          J’espère qu’anticapitalista va nous soutenir pour mettre à jour Transifex. C’est aussi un énorme point positif pour une distribution si on veut d’autres utilisateurs qui ne sont pas anglophones.



            Wallon, the anticapitalist authorized me to update the resource with his file “icewm-manager-gui.pot” which is already in Transifex.
            Thank you very much!

            – – – – –

            Wallon, o anticapitalista me autorizou a atualizar o recurso com o seu arquivo “icewm-manager-gui.pot” que já está no Transifex.
            Muito obrigado!


              Dear Marcelocripe,

              The Transifex update went well. I didn’t lose my translations.
              People can read my comments in Transifex.
              I used my pot/po files created with poedit to upload my translations into Transifex.
              My pot/po files are 100% compatible with Transifex.

              Thank you for your support in Transifex.


                Dear translators,

                The icewm-manager-gui application has been completely modified by PPC. This is yet another gift from PPC to the wonderful world of antiX. Many thanks to him.
                You’ll find new sentences to translate on the Transifex website.
                I recommend that you read the comments at Transifex carefully to produce the best translations.
                Don’t hesitate to come to this thread to ask your questions about the translations.

                See you soon.

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