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      i have trouble to settings the volume, when desktop appear, sound icon disappear too, please fix this dev!!


        urnotmymom she would have read in below thread and given pertinent information.

        We have no crystall ball available.
        Which antiX version, which desktop are you talking about
        is absolute minimum information needed to even understand your problems.

        Please also post result of inxi -zv7


          From the very confusing way you wrote your post I assume English is not your first language (it’s not mine either), so it’s very hard to understand your problem- we do understand that you do not have the volume icon on the task bar, that much we understand- but do you have sound?

          Assuming you don’t have much knowledge about computers: asking the “dev to fix something” is only done when there’s a general problem on the system, that can be replicated (this means, more people get the same problem when trying to do exactly the same thing you did). Audio works great (usually) on antiX 23.1

          Xunzi used the expression we use a lot, when people ask for help here, but do not give much information: antiX has literally dozens of different versions, that are currently supported. We have no “crystal ball” that allows us to guess what system you are running: you have to give us information about your system: ex: are you running “antiX 23.1 Full 64 bits, systemv”? We need to know information such as that, to try to help you.
          In case you are using antiX 23.1 Full, 64 bits – try toggling off “Pipewire” in Control Centre (it’s an audio server, on by default on that version of antiX) and then restart and check if the volume icon appears…

          Anything we say now is just guess work- we don’t even know if you have sound or not… You have to help us help you.


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            Hello urmom.

            Welcome to antiX Linux and the Forum.

            I don’t know how to write in English and I send my texts translated by the internet translator. I hope you can understand everything. If your native language is not English, please translate my original Brazilian Portuguese text directly into your language with the help of internet translators and you will get a much better result.

            Please read my real welcome in the Welcome to antiX Linux and the forum (antiX 23) and Welcome to antiX Linux and the forum (antiX 19, 21 and 22) thread.

            Please learn how to ask for help here on the antiX forum by reading the threads I linked in my real welcome. Please note that there are 3 editions of antiX from series 19, 21 or 22 and 23 that have technical support in this forum. Each edition has 4 ISO images (full, base, net and core) on two different boot system types, SyVinit and Runit. If my sum is not wrong, at the present date there are about 32 different types of operating systems. That’s why you need to learn how to ask for help here on the antiX forum.

            (Original text in Brazilian Portuguese language)

            – – – – –

            Olá, urmom.

            Seja bem-vindo(a) ao antiX Linux e ao fórum.

            Eu não sei escrever em idioma Inglês e envio os meus textos traduzidos pelo tradutor da internet. Eu espero que você consiga compreender tudo. Se o seu idioma nativo não for o Inglês, por favor, traduza o meu texto original em Português no Brasil diretamente para o seu idioma com a ajuda dos tradutores da internet que você obterá um resultado muito melhor.

            Por favor, leia a minha verdadeira boas-vindas no tópico Seja bem-vindo (a) ao antiX Linux e ao fórum (antiX 23) e Seja bem-vindo (a) ao antiX Linux e ao fórum (antiX 19, 21 e 22).

            Por favor, aprenda a pedir ajuda aqui no fórum do antiX lendo os tópicos que eu indiquei na minha verdadeira boas-vindas. Saiba que existem 3 edições do antiX, das séries 19, 21 ou 22 e 23 que possuem suporte técnico neste fórum. Cada edição possui 4 imagens ISOs (full, base, net e core) em dois tipos de sistema de inicialização diferentes, o SyVinit e o Runit. Se a minha soma não estiver errada, na presente data são cerca de 32 tipos diferentes de sistema operacionais. É por isso que você precisa aprender a pedir ajuda aqui no fórum do antiX. 

            (Texto original em idioma Português do Brasil)

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