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      proposing to add comments only, explaining (for example) that the line mentioning fdb+
      was added to antiX (and not seen elsewhere) back in 2015, to handle edge-case failed boot by nvidia gfx chipset

      filed under: ideas for improvements in future releases


        I think the setup of email encryption should be simplified and more convenient in future antiX. Please compare the way in antiX standard Email Application (Claws-Mail) with the way the widely hated thunderbird does the same job.

        While setup in thunderbird took 5 to 10 minutes maximum, I had to work 3 to 4 hours in antiX standard application Claws-Mail (which is a great program in other concerns!)

        Since protection of data privacy is a subject relevant for the future, in my eyes this should be improved in future antiX releases.

        First step could be to preinstall claws-mail-smime-plugin in antiX.

        Details about what I experienced you will find in this thread in board section “software”. Maybe it is improved in 19.x series already, but in 17.x series this is really horrible. No standard user will be able to get through this procedure.


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        Windows is like a submarine. Open a window and serious problems will start.


          As well as a suggestion for improvement, this post is a belated criticism of the status quo.

          Given that the SLiM login screen contains no clickable elements, and the mouse cursor is hidden while the SLiM login screen is displayed… the login screen graphics should not display a pseudo “Login” button.


            Are you sure? I think I click it.

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              check it firsthand ~~ here’s the code for SLiM’s XEvent event polling loop.
              It only reacts to OnExpose and KeyPress events (IOW, it ignores ButtonPress, MotionNotify, et al)


                Yup, so I’ve been pressing enter all these years without even noticing…

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                  AntiX with a Wayland without

                  You sure can run antiX with wayland & sway as a windows manager. I installed it with antiX core x64 runit 19.3 version, without a login manager and removed Xorg from the installer list.
                  Was starting sway from tty, but after adding a line to .profile and logging in it go’s straight to sway. And everything antiX is still there and working.
                  I installed wayland & sway from the Debian test server after editing Debian list source file removing the comment from testing, after the first boot to tty.
                  But that’s about all I can say at this stage.


                    a suggested addition to the default antiX Linux web browser bookmarks:


                      I have 2 suggestions:
                      1- My on going (and nearly completed antiX calendar- an upgraded yad-calendar that also has alarms (an runs in less than 1 Mb of idle RAM)
                      2- A script to access cloud drives from the default file manager (using rclone)-
                      It automatically configures Google Drive, all other cloud drives have to be configured via a CLI keyboard only menu.

                      Upgrade the unplug usb devices script (I made some suggestions a while ago)

                      Not essential (and I’m not sure if it’s the right topic)- add scrcpy (stream android device’s screen on antiX, and allow to use mouse and keyboard to control android devices) to the package installer- it allows people with very old pc’s to play modern android games (via the android device)- it’s already in the repo, but most people don’t even know what it is…
                      Anticapitalista told a user how to install the latest inkscape (if I’m not mistaken)- add that too to the package installer.
                      I compiled a “Office 365 on electron“, I found on Github, altering it to work with free Microsoft accounts. Do the devs think it should be added to the Package installer’s Office section? – it’s 64bits only. It may be handy for Windows’s refugees (and people dealing with badly formated .docx and .xlsx documents).



                        (as seen in MX Linux)

                        a utility program, launched via buttonclick of some item in ControlCentre,
                        runs inxi -TBDoptions
                        adds bracketing code tags (backtick character?)
                        and copies-to-clipboard

                        As a gui, it might instead display the inxi output and display a msg stating
                        Leave this window open and visit antixforum. When logged in and ready to post a message,
                        return to this window, [click here to copy to clipboard] and paste these system specs into your help request forum post.


                          utility program, launched via buttonclick of some item in ControlCentre,

                          We could also recommend:
                          Control Centre > Hardware > PC Information > Full info > OK
                          Copy and paste in the forum post. Select the text and click CODE button to wrap the information as code.

                          Maybe a shortcut from somewhere may help.

                          antiX Live system enthusiast.
                          General Live Boot Parameters for antiX.


                            hello skidoo and Xecure
                            <inxi-gui> known as “Info” window
                            Control Centre >Hardware >PC Information

                            Is that a place to start?
                            There is room for a help button. button for add antiXforum code tags? or not add, but special, like special copy button?

                            ((i think the place for that is inside the forum composer, though i am familiar with the mx example, … ))

                            inxi-TBD . okay, i like a timestamp. the weather gives a timestamp, but requires internet connection; reports will not require internet. i like -f, You like -r,, no z required [ though weather location reported:
                            inxi -b -D -r -xx -S -xxx -W 20500

                            seems a good start , then we ask for additional reports as needed using the inxi-gui report names like standard jargon, in the forums.
                            The new exit board as example With Numbered (1-6)
                            maybe the report names can have an association to abbreviated jargon.


                              Control Centre >Hardware >PC Information

                              Aha! Yes, a good place to start.
                              ( I had forgotten that utility is now available via ControlCentre )

                              The yad API lacks a method for automatically triggering SelectAll.
                              It also lacks a method for binding the copy-to-clipboard action.
                              A button labeled “copy to clipboard” could to cause the yad window to return (close)
                              and the copy function would be handled by the calling script.
                              To me, the yad flow seems very awkward ~~ window opens, closes, another opens… then when you attempt to exit, yet another window (the original, parent yad window) reopens and you need to agains close it.

                              touch ~/.cache/inxi.out
                              inxi -{TBD} > ~/.cache/inxi.out
                              sed -i ‘1s/^/`/’ ~/.cache/inxi.out
                              echo “`” >> ~/.cache/inxi.out
                              xclip -selection c < ~/.cache/inxi.out

                              Theoretically, the automation could be extended further, by using wmctrl and xdotool and ?????
                              (in this moment, the ????? name escapes me ~~ seen in scripts by @PPC, to simulate user key/mouse events)


                                A tiny suggestion about the menus:

                                antiX default menus look “too bloated”, but, in my mind that would be easy to fix, maintaing all the usabality the current menu has.
                                – The current IceWM:
                                -The menu starts with the terminal, then file manager, a Separtor, Wrb Browser, Text editr, App Select, Applications, a separator, Personal Menu …

                                I suggest that this initial part does away with the first separator (it’s doing nothing there, it’s separating the most used used apps… Well, since a picture is worth a thousand words, here’s my suggestion (the “Refresh menu” should moved to show on the start of the “Applications” sub-menu, since it refers to that sub-menu alone, not the first layer of the menu, and also, it should be updated to include “gksu” to really run the update when the sudo password is not “memorized” by the OS)… I reordered some aplications, and also renamed “Applications” to “All applications” (since the previous items where already, in fact, applications) and changed the non very descriptive “Personal” to “Favourite applications”…
                                Also, probably the icewm specific menu entries should be disabled- but that implies that the menu looses some functionality.
                                If I could, I would move the “Run” menu entry next to “All applications” and “Favorite apllications” (so all options to run apps are next to each other).
                                Fluxbox menu is easier to edit and implement all my suggestions (particulary about the “Refresh menu” entry)



                                  I think the menus are automatically refreshed anyway, so that option could be somewhere else for emergency use. I agree with removing the preferences and themes and focus, but don’t know how to move them to a different menu.

                                  Daily driver distro

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