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    Screen resolution idea:
    1. When X comes up if a saved setscreenresolution script for how to set it doesn’t exist, use unxrandr to generate a default setscreenresolution file.
    2. Run the generated setscreenresolution script in desktop-session
    2. When someone goes to change the screen resolution, instead of running xrandr directly, run a script that runs xrandr, then afterwards, if they changed the screen and want to make it the new settings the default, run unxrandr to generate a new script to overlay the setscreenresolution script.

    Not meaning to add more rain on the parade…
    I played with this idea a fair bit, thinking about making the arandr export automatically choose the ~/.desktop-sesion directory to save in. Then have the startup sequence check for the presence of a “abc-xyz.screenlayout” (or was it ~/.screenlayout/file) file if enabled in the ~/.desktop-session/desktop-session.conf file. (something like SET_SCREEN_RES=”true”). The problem with this (in my testing) was every time you restarted it would have a different appearance. Sometimes the fonts were clear, sometimes not… sometimes the icons were in the middle of the screen, sometimes not…. sometimes conky would be on the screen, sometimes off/half off the screen…. etc. Never mind having a laptop with a dock and forgetting about the script or a computer connected to an auto-off tv both ending in “incorrect input” messages on the screen and no desktop displayed.

    Another problem that really killed it was how would you allot for the file being renamed? or perhaps if 2 files existed? To which the immediate thought was a line could be added in the config below the enable line to specify the filename… but at that point you might as well add the script to the startup file as that is essentially the same amount of work.

    I can probably find that copy and merge it in if people would like, but in my testing not 1 machine functioned as expected and was very easy to break.

    Computers are like air conditioners. They work fine until you start opening Windows. ~Author Unknown



    Dave, I was sitting there revising the idea trying to make it cleaner while you posted.

    Screen resolution idea:
    1. When X comes up if a saved setscreenresolution script for how to set it doesn’t exist, use unxrandr to generate a default setscreenresolution file, else run the generated setscreenresolution script. I’m guessing this could be in desktop-session before the individual desktop is brought up.
    2. When someone goes to change the screen resolution, instead of running xrandr directly, run a script that runs xrandr, then afterwards, run unxrandr to a temp file and compare it with the default to see if they changed the screen setup, and if they did and want to make it the new settings the default, replace the previous setscreenresolution script with the temp file generated.

    I do agree my idea could only possibly work for one hardware setup, ie 1 screen or 2, depending if docked or not, etc., unless it was saved, recognized, and replaced for that hardware setup, or possibly for that hardware and desktop setup (by saving them under each desktop folder) if the same xrandr settings don’t work for all desktops. I wouldn’t know how to distinguish if the display hardware had changed or was the same.

    In general, I’m sure you have more experience than I with it. I do have the multiple monitor setups to be able to test that and have seen some of the weird conky results you are talking about, so if nothing else, could help test it.



    too tall for lower resolution displays

    the default conky screen from it check what is missing from mine, add the most important without cluttering too much, and add the most important antiX default IceWM keyboard shortcuts to the bottom of it

    reminder: multiple instances of conky can run concurrently

    A separate conky displaying the default keyboard shortcuts could be accompanied by a new desktop menu item labeled
    “show default keybinds (toggle)”

    ^—- Unless someone plans to make a whizmo script to detect which wm session is in effect, parse the …/keys file and dynamically populate the content displayed by the conky, it’s probably important to mention DEFAULT in the labeltext
    “show default keybinds (toggle)”



    When someone goes to change the screen resolution

    When do you ever need to do so, and why so?
    Asking b/c across the various systems I’ve tested the native display resolution has always been correctly autodected, and changing away from the native resolution has, for me, always yielded a non-optimal (sometimes barely tolerable blurriness) result.



    Yes, you are correct on the “Default” point. I did make an attempt at parsing it for my rolling text screensaver, and it gets tricky due to all the different syntaxes used, and that was just for IceWM. The X applications including terminal programs individually have their keys and so do the CLI programs, and there is no standardization as to what keys are used by level or program, it seems, adding to the mess.

    In addition, many of the keys listed in the key files don’t work at all or do unexpected bad things, so you certainly don’t want to list those ones. I had commented all those out on my main system, but found them again testing for this on my test system today.

    As for why, With my Dell XPS-15 I need to use reading glasses plus a 5x magnifier to read the screen until I get it changed because its 4k resolution on a 15″ screen. It gets blurry I think if its not a normal resolution for that video and display. I also have machines with up to 6 screens each connected to dual port cards, and similar combination LCD, VGA or HDMI or S-Video and VGA, DVI or USB combinations for the laptops which change depending where I am. It drives Windows nuts, LOL.

    PS: A thought on the Conky idea you had, and that would be to assign a standard key shortcut (and show it on the conky) to a pop up leafpad or dillo or some other light program of the keyboard help file with DEFAULT key assignments for that desktop.

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    Thanks for explaining the use case(s) for changing away from the default display resolution.
    Reminds me to mention that I re-discovered “xmag” (screen magnifier is installed on my antiX17full system. I can’t recall whether I installed that or it was preinstalled.

    Somewhere on this forum, attached to one of my posts is an “iceWM keyboard shortcuts manager” GUI script. At the moment, I’m coming up empty trying to locate a copy of it. If I do, I’ll post another attachement.
    Hmm, I had just carved out and unbugged the KB management pieces (and without localizations) in response to a forum request.
    Maybe you’ll be interested in grabbing the whole suite (“IceMe” on and whipping it into shape for use in antiX
    edit: as seen in my screencap, it is “IceWM Control Panel” aka “iceWMCP”. Later post in this topic I’ve pasted a link



    In searching forum or duckduck go, try “icypee” (i think that’s the name I used for the script)
    Also, check the puppylinux forum at (they might have a similar iceWM manager GUI)

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    unexpected bad things

    Curious to hear which keybinds you have in mind.

    Personally, I often fat-fingered accidentally activate the wingrid combos…



    Yes, I thought someone would ask that.

    My view on that is that the best course of action is to review and remove unless deemed very important, which I think unlikely given that nobody has said anything until I tried each keystroke testing the shortcut list I was making from keys and preferences. On my main system, I commented everything out except those keys that I am expecting myself to use. Since the system I was testing on is I think 17.2 x64 full (another reason that should be in the conky), I really should do a default 17.3 x64 full install so that I know for sure everything is as expected, be it right or wrong, to test with. I will put in another post with the results. It is quite possible that I just don’t have the screen setup right for them to work in some cases given that I have never used them and don’t necessarily know exactly what they are expected to do.

    I downloaded the IceMe code and will look at that. I believe your screen print is from IceSound or something like that, which I looked at before and was quite tricky. I need simplistic Python stuff to work on until I understand things like classes and how programs work when built around them. I need to start simple, fiddle and tweak with them, understand, and THEN complicate a bit more to where it eventually becomes normal and understandable…

    PS: the WinGrid itself is actually very nice, but the choices for the keyboard shortcuts for it are not easily remembered, and maybe that’s why I never use it.

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    stacking rearrangements are available as native commands in fluxbox-1.3.8-ski




    Ok, Yes, IceWM is supposed to have that too, but the keys didn’t work or I’m not using them correctly. I installed 17.3 X64 full and its set for rox-icewm, the default desktop. No packages have been added, changed or removed. I booted with nowicd and used ceni and wpa_gui to configure wifi on a memory budget. No other configuration changes have been made. The machine has 4 gb, and this install is running off the HD, not SSD.

    I am having major problems and will check the boot flash drive. The install went fine, but I’m getting lots of weird errors and I don’t want to bother people with them unless I know things were good…

    I rebooted from flash with the checkmd5 option and everything passed. I am wondering if I am beyond the limits for number of partitions on the drive, so deleted it and am reinstalling on a lower partition that had another distro on it. I will then try again.

    Reinstalled and got same results. No wifi possible, ceni is ok, but wpa_gui doesn’t find an adapter. Getting 1/2 screens in terminal. Getting Xauthorization file can’t be copied error when I try to run synaptic. Wifi was fine when booted from USB. Too late to fight it now…

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    Did you by chance download antix17.3 instead of antix17.3.1 ? There was a bug in antix17.3 installer, easy to fix

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    Sounds like the problem. I’ll try and see if that will fix it later today.

    Thanks much

    PS: Yes, that did fix it. I will try the keyboard shortcuts today.

    What would be the best key to assign a default desktop Keyboard shortcuts help screen to? The long term goal would be to display the shortcut on the Conky screen and use that same shortcut for all desktops in all languages, and if there was a GUI editor for it, possibly allow it to be edited from there as well. I think that was what skidoo was thinking towards and sounds good to me.

    PSS: The scrolling problem is there in Geany but not Firefox where if you click on the scroll bar to move one page up or down, you might go 10 pages instead, and since there are no arrow buttons with this theme (not sure that is caused by theme,IIRC, Metal2 with Crux adds the arrows, but Crux is a sick Purple, so I would need to hand modify the color), you can’t just click and hold those to scroll at a reasonable pace, leaving the only way to do it with a click and drag on the center bar (which isn’t easy with some track pads) or by using the keyboard. Again, I have made no changes here.

    Maybe you want to move this thread to Development? We are way out of the realm of “Announcements” at this point. I will be fine if you move it.

    Here are the results of testing all the keys mapped. I wonder if I need to be using a special keyboard somehow for my HP DV9000 series laptop (17″ with separate numeric keypad built in):

    from Preferences
    does nothing - KeyWinArrangeN="Ctrl+Alt+KP_8"
    does nothing - KeyWinArrangeNE="Ctrl+Alt+KP_9"
    does nothing - KeyWinArrangeE="Ctrl+Alt+KP_6"
    does nothing - KeyWinArrangeSE="Ctrl+Alt+KP_3"
    does nothing - KeyWinArrangeS="Ctrl+Alt+KP_2"
    does nothing - KeyWinArrangeSW="Ctrl+Alt+KP_1"
    does nothing - KeyWinArrangeW="Ctrl+Alt+KP_4"
    does nothing - KeyWinArrangeNW="Ctrl+Alt+KP_7"
    does nothing - KeyWinArrangeC="Ctrl+Alt+KP_5"
    works - KeySysSwitchNext="Alt+Tab"
    works - KeySysSwitchLast="Alt+Shift+Tab"
    works - KeySysWinNext="Alt+Esc"
    works - KeySysWinPrev="Alt+Shift+Esc"
    works - KeySysWinMenu="Shift+Esc"
    not tested - KeySysDialog="Alt+Ctrl+Del"
    works - KeySysMenu="Ctrl+Esc"
    works - KeySysWindowList="Alt+Ctrl+Esc"
    works - KeySysAddressBar="Alt+Ctrl+Space"
    works - KeySysWorkspacePrev="Alt+Ctrl+Left"
    works - KeySysWorkspaceNext="Alt+Ctrl+Right"
    works - KeySysWorkspaceLast="Alt+Ctrl+Down"
    doesn't move the window, same as without shift - KeySysWorkspacePrevTakeWin="Alt+Ctrl+Shift+Left"
    doesn't move the window, same as without shift - KeySysWorkspaceNextTakeWin="Alt+Ctrl+Shift+Right"
    doesn't move the window, same as without shift - KeySysWorkspaceLastTakeWin="Alt+Ctrl+Shift+Down"
    works - KeySysWorkspace1="Alt+Ctrl+1"
    works - KeySysWorkspace2="Alt+Ctrl+2"
    probably works if workspace was active - KeySysWorkspace3="Alt+Ctrl+3"
    probably works if workspace was active - KeySysWorkspace4="Alt+Ctrl+4"
    doesn't move the window, same as without shift - KeySysWorkspace1TakeWin="Alt+Ctrl+Shift+1"
    doesn't move the window, same as without shift - KeySysWorkspace2TakeWin="Alt+Ctrl+Shift+2"
    probably doesn't work if workspace was active - KeySysWorkspace3TakeWin="Alt+Ctrl+Shift+3"
    probably doesn't work if workspace was active - KeySysWorkspace4TakeWin="Alt+Ctrl+Shift+4"
    does nothing - KeySysTileVertical="Alt+Shift+F2"
    does nothing - KeySysTileHorizontal="Alt+Shift+F3"
    very weird, closes window - KeySysCascade="Alt+Shift+F4"
    does nothing -KeySysArrange="Alt+Shift+F5"
    very weird, put window into resize mode - KeySysArrangeIcons="Alt+Shift+F8"
    very weird, went to browser window - KeySysMinimizeAll="Alt+Shift+F9"
    very weird, maximize window toggle - KeySysHideAll="Alt+Shift+F11"
    very weird, put window into move window mode - KeySysUndoArrange="Alt+Shift+F7"
    works - KeySysShowDesktop="Alt+Ctrl+d"
    works - KeySysCollapseTaskBar="Alt+Ctrl+h"
    From Keys
    # Wingrid 
    works - key "Ctrl+1"
    works - key "Ctrl+2"
    works - key "Ctrl+3"
    works - key "Ctrl+4"
    works - key "Ctrl+5"
    works - key "Ctrl+6"
    works - key "Ctrl+7"
    works - key "Ctrl+8"
    works - key "Ctrl+9"
    works - key "Ctrl+0"
    # suggested
    works - key "Alt+F2" gexec
    #Set Volume
    does nothing, caused by lack of space after 5- >>>>> - key "Alt+Ctrl+KP_Divide" amixer -c 0 set Master 5-# lower volume
    works - key "Alt+Ctrl+KP_Multiply" amixer -c 0 set Master 5+ # raise volume
    does nothing - key "Alt+Ctrl+KP_Add" amixer sset Master toggle # mute on/off
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    Keyboard test results added to post above

    PS: I added an external Logitech K120 USB keyboard which does work the same but has the same problems.

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    This post is about the antiX liveboot menu (legacy BIOS) screen.

    As is, the default menu entry bears a longish label, something like “Antix17…kernelVersion…YYYY-MM-DD”.
    Subsequent to performing a live remaster operation, IIRC, the datestring reflects the date of remaster but the rest of the string remains unchanged.
    edited to add:
    Hmmm, maybe it’s “Berta” (not kernel version) consuming the limited space available for label

    Under the status quo, 2 issues:
    First, a “bug” ~~ the live remaster operation offers an option to choose a new title (which would presumably to be used as a custom label for the default boot menu entry)…
    but, confusingly, any title entered is discarded (is never displayed during subsequent boots)

    I’m suggesting the live remaster operation should NOT offer a custom title(label) option.
    Anyone who is sufficiently motivated to apply a vanity title can do so by manually editing the bootmenu configuration file.
    For the label automatically assigned during the live remaster operation, “antiX 17 (remastered) YYYY-MM-DD” should be sufficient.

    Second, a usability issue:
    A seasoned user will discover that, after requesting “root_persist” and performing F8 Save, we’re not required to request “root_persist” again, repeatedly, during each subsequent boot session. Similarly, seasoned users will discover (must “discover”, as it’s not visually obvious) that F4 options can be used to request “one shot” no-persist without disturbing the previously set F8 preference (to use root_persist by default).

    With the above in mind, there may be merit in dropping the long “kernelversion-pointnine.eight.six-64bit” substring from the default bootmenu line. Does its inclusion only “make sense”, would only be useful to a user, in the context of “2 or 3 or 4 kernels are available on a given system, and each is presented on a separate menu entry line”?

    Instead, inclusion of a “Fresh start” substring (as seen in Slax, or “Factory fresh” in Porteus? OpenSUSE?) in the default, as issued, boot menu entry, e.g.
    antiX 17 (YYYY-MM-DD Fresh Start)
    would hopefully eliminate “hmm, which one to choose?” confusion when the “Custom[..]YYYY-MM-DD” line is also displayed.


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    Maybe you’ll be interested in grabbing the whole suite (“IceMe” on and whipping it into shape for use in antiX

    If this is a suggestion for antix improvement, I second it. This as well as any other app/GUI for WM configuration.

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