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    I also don’t like skinny scrollbars, and don’t like scrollbars that hide and pop-up. I want them easy to see and click on and I would really like good sized, well contrasted arrows at the ends of the scrollbars.

    The particular color isn’t important as long as its not butt ugly…

    Over the years I’ve posted about visibility being suitable for people with good and poor eyesight and agree that contrast is an important part of that. In my opinion the current default theme is OK on that aspect.

    Your point about the colour misses the target in my view. The default colour should complement the shipped default IceWM theme rather than potentially clash with it.

    The comments about skinny and hide and pop-up scrollbars are probably straying into the area of personal preferences. I don’t care for pop-up scrollbars but find the default width to be OK but would find it just as acceptable if it were wider. Clearly those are my personal preferences. Of your two screenshots I prefer the default to your choice. That might be expected if we are discussing personal preferences. It is quite possible that a wider audience will have preferences different to yours and mine.

    If antiX does not currently contain an ideal theme for you, might it be worth considering searching for one beyond our distro or even creating one from scratch and offering either, or both of them for consideration.


    As I said, any color would be ok by me unless it hurt my eyes (like the Crux color does). I just picked blue rather than the ugly purple that Crux came with, but a darker grey would work fine. On a small laptop the default grey is hard to see, and its thin and therefore hard to grab. All the other attributes of the default window (ie the icons, etc) are just fine.

    The other issue that causes me to need to modify each release is that the window edges for mouse grabbing aren’t wide enough, so it usually takes 3 or 4 tries to move the track pad mouse to where the arrow comes up and stays there to click and grab it.

    I realize that not everyone has 15 yr old 14″ laptops with trackpads, so it sounds like few people are affected.

    Therefore, “My give up”. I guess I am condemned to modify every time I want to implement. I guess I need to figure a way to modify more efficiently, and probably won’t try anymore on the middle level releases unless there are must have features.

    This thread started with icons not “pretty enough”, which to me is not important, and I guess I have learned that what is important to me is not a issue for others. I wish you all well, and thank you for the zillions of things that are good about antiX.

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    …window edges for mouse grabbing aren’t wide enough, so it usually takes 3 or 4 tries to move the track pad mouse to where the arrow comes up and stays there to click and grab it.

    Off Topic
    Have a look at post #3 in this thread from the old antiX forum. User reverseDog posted a neat trick that may help.

    I have a dim recollection that reverseDog joined our current forum under a different name.


    Yes, click inside the window, press Alt and hold it down, then right click popped up the sizing arrow, and drag worked like a charm to resize the window. He/She must know something, LOL.

    Thanks much.


    This post is about achieving a wider scrollbar.

    I modified the scrollbar of that “Noita” theme I had attached to a recent post.
    Below, I’m showing screenshot of the result, plus the relevant edit to the scrollbar stanza of the
    /usr/share/themes/zNoitaWideSB/gtk-3.0/gtk.css file

    Also, notice in the screenshot that my other apps were using CrystalCurve theme.
    To force the specified theme, I used this launchstring to open firefox:
    $ GTK_THEME=zNoitaWideSB firefox

    The firefox.desktop Exec= line could be edited to achieve a permanent tweak.


    scrollbar, .scrollbar {
      background-color: #3e434f;
      transition: 300ms cubic-bezier(0.25, 0.46, 0.45, 0.94); }
      * {
        -GtkScrollbar-has-backward-stepper: true;
        -GtkScrollbar-has-forward-stepper: true; 
        -GtkRange-stepper-size: 13; } {
        border-bottom: 0; }
      scrollbar.bottom {
        border-top: 0; }
      scrollbar.left {
        border-right: 0; }
      scrollbar.right {
        border-left: 0; }
      scrollbar button {
        border: none; }
      scrollbar.vertical button.down {
        -gtk-icon-source: -gtk-icontheme("pan-down-symbolic"); }
      scrollbar.vertical button.up {
        -gtk-icon-source: -gtk-icontheme("pan-up-symbolic"); }
      scrollbar.horizontal button.down {
        -gtk-icon-source: -gtk-icontheme("pan-right-symbolic"); }
      scrollbar.horizontal button.up {
        -gtk-icon-source: -gtk-icontheme("pan-left-symbolic"); }
      scrollbar slider {
        min-width: 10px;
        min-height: 10px;
        margin: 0;
        border: 0;
        border-radius: 0px;
        background-clip: padding-box;
        background-color: #767b87; }
        scrollbar slider:hover {
          background-color: #676b78; }
        scrollbar slider:hover:active {
          background-color: #725f8f; }
        scrollbar slider:disabled {
          background-color: transparent; }
      scrollbar.fine-tune slider {
        min-width: 10px;
        min-height: 10px; }
      scrollbar.fine-tune.horizontal slider {
        border-width: 0 0; }
      scrollbar.fine-tune.vertical slider {
        border-width: 0 0; }
      scrollbar.overlay-indicator:not(.dragging):not(.hovering) {
        opacity: 0.4;
        border-color: transparent;
        background-color: transparent; }
        scrollbar.overlay-indicator:not(.dragging):not(.hovering) slider {
          margin: 0;
          min-width: 12px;
          min-height: 12px;
          background-color: #a5abb5;
          border: 0; }
        scrollbar.overlay-indicator:not(.dragging):not(.hovering).horizontal slider {
          margin: 0 0;
          min-width: 40px; }
        scrollbar.overlay-indicator:not(.dragging):not(.hovering).vertical slider {
          margin: 0 0;
          min-height: 40px; }
      scrollbar.overlay-indicator.dragging, scrollbar.overlay-indicator.hovering {
        opacity: 0.99; }
      scrollbar.horizontal slider {
        min-width: 40px; }
      scrollbar.vertical slider {
        min-height: 40px; }

    Yes, as shown, the result is probably TOO wide.
    When you edit, you’re free to choose a different width
    (can probably paste this as a replacement to the scrollbar stanza of the “gtk.css” file in any GTK3 theme)
    and you can specify different sizes for horizontal scrollbar and vertical ~~ we’re not forced to have them identically sized.

    ps: during webserch I read a reputed ff tweak (about forcing use of a specific GTK theme)
    create a new “string” PrefKey, named widget.content.gtk-theme-override
    and supply (in this example) zNoitaWideSB as the prefkey value.
    FWIW, that had no effect in firefox 52.9esr


    skidoo, I will try this with my other dotfile changes. Thanks for taking time to figure it out.


    Somehow or another I managed to try enough permutations of the GTK-2 themes (really GTK-3 it looked) and icon themes that I got the narrow scroll bars at least working right in Synaptic and with arrows, too in Geany.

    I got most of the keyboard problems I had working by just remapping the functions to different keys. IceWM is quite interesting in Tiling mode, but I’m very happy with my 4 quadrants and a center zoom window at this point.

    If anyone is doing dotfile management, could you fill me in please on how you are doing it? I need to be able to save and reimplement my changes easily, somehow. Most of the time all my machines can be configured the same (assuming I freeze or stop working with the 486-686 ones). Git has at least a partial solution it seems, but I don’t have the big picture on it, because I think I need a 3 step process, where I install default, then add packages, then fix or overlay the default configuration files. Thanks…

    PS: I tried JWM again and actually, it looks a lot better than I remember it.

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    • This reply was modified 1 year, 3 months ago by BobC.

    belated reply to

    The other issue that causes me to need to modify each release is that the window edges for mouse grabbing aren’t wide enough, so it usually takes 3 or 4 tries to move the track pad mouse to where the arrow comes up and stays there to click and grab it.

    Do most trackpads (all trackpads?) have L+R buttons?
    If so, does holding kb Alt + trackpadRightButton with one hand… while dragging across the trackpad with finger of other hand, does that accomplish window resizing the same way Alt+rightMouse+drag does?


    Yes, actually, it does. I didn’t know that, LOL.


    skidoo, thanks for your research. Although I didn’t exactly use your changes, they showed me where to look and the right terms to help me search, as well, maybe the solutions had I understood them. I apologize for my ignorance with things like themes and such. It’s neat that many things are overrideable individually by user. Maybe my list below will help someone else solve their laptop scrollbar problems.

    I got my scrollbar width, scrollbar arrows, scrolling a page at a time, and no more hiding scrollbars. The changes to ~/.config also need to be copied to and other user accounts, example, for root in /root/.config. Needed to log out and back in again for all changes to take effect.

    — scrollbar width and arrows
    in ~/.config/gtk-3.0/gtk.css created file and added lines:
    * {
    -GtkScrollbar-has-backward-stepper: true;
    -GtkScrollbar-has-forward-stepper: true;
    -GtkRange-stepper-size: 16;
    -GtkRange-slider-width: 16;

    — page at a time scrolling
    in ~/.config/gtk-3.0/settings.ini added line:

    — remove hiding scrollbars
    in /etc/environment added line:


    BobC, skido, and other contributors to this thread: thanks for all of your time, research, experimentation, and explanations. Though IceWM is a nice, lean window manager, it tends to lack a lot of configuration and customization documentation and examples, and much of what can be found is repeat of old, sometimes obsolete information. I like to use IceWM from time to time, and I’ve experimented a little bit with configuration, but this thread has a lot of good ideas that I’d not previously seen or tried out, and so I’m calling it out and expressing my personal appreciation for your efforts!

    Brian Masinick

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