incessant (er, periodic, rhythmic, neverending) network activity

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    For those who have been using conman, have they tried switching to ceni to see if the traffic quiets down?
    A large amount of who is … tell … can also be caused by settings in the router over/rather than one computer (unless it is one device always making the request. Alexa, smart bulbs, etc). I think tuning the lan would help lower these type of messages. (like shrinking the subnet, increasing lease times, etc) It has been a number years since I have extensively used anything from the network+ certification classes.

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    tried switching to ceni to see if the traffic quiets down?

    Yes. The incessant requests are absent when using ceni (which is my preferred utility anyhow).

    My testing environment is virtualbox (mentining in case that detail may trigger the problem, but that possiblity seems to be ruled out by other reporters in this topic) and the host has zero subnet peers.

    It has been a number years

    Aye. Although I can still recite the layers of the OSI networking model, I’ve spent too many years cooped up in the application layer…

    When requesting help, pasting the output from inxi -Fzr command will provide important relevant details:
    antiX version//edition ~~ stable vs testing repos ~~ live vs installed vs virtualbox ~~ hardware specs


    Very definitely connman trying to connect to NTP server. Still trying to figure out how it all links together, giving connman some
    settings quietens it. NTP servers and DNS. The interval lenthens as expected once the data base is built up.

    I have also got it to set system time using the inbuilt function after skewing time settings on purpose. (unless another well hidden
    function is doing that). No reboot just a wait time.
    Antix reads system clock on boot to set time, up to now that is all I have found. No NTP daemon is running.

    It is definitely not a router or network problem, the connman man page describes the NTP workings.
    At the start connman kept trying to connect to my router config interface page. No chance as password protected.


    a few blips with 500 bytes or less, I wouldn’t even raise an eyelid in wonder.

    Should enough kids take own laptops to school or antiX gets installed on School laptops we would get a pretty interesting situation.
    the query-to-response ratio is anywhere between 20:1 and 200:1 or more, connman is querying about every three seconds times 26
    to 30 machines and ip adresses for one class.

    Trouble, for sure the admin would be somewhat perturbed. er Livid. Possibly the cable network provider too..

    Brian MasinickBrian Masinick

    Though the payload size is not large, that query frequency is definitely excessive.

    Is there a practical way to configure one of the other network manager alternatives, particularly Ceni or a hand coded call to the wpa_supplicant service?

    Alternatively if Connman continues to be used, is there any log information that explains why this happens and an effective way to eliminate it, or is switching the network manager the only reliable answer to the issues?

    Brian Masinick

Viewing 5 posts - 31 through 35 (of 35 total)
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