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    I installed wine using “atp-get install wine” and though it said it had been successfully installed, its icon does not appear in any of the menus. I tried reinstalling just to make sure and was told that I have the latest version.


    I never really used wine.Installed it once, some time ago, just for to look how it works.
    In my understanding you cant run wine, but rather run a windows program you downloaded, with wine.
    Is it possible you are looking for playonlinux, which is a frontend for wine and must be installed seperately.

    If you want to configure wine you can run winecfg from terminal.
    But as I said, i have no clue about wine.

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    In Fedora there was a wine menu within the Pull-down menu list which listed a windows shell, application installer and the installed Windows applications and perhaps some other things. Even though Wine is installed, there seems to be no such menu to allow one to install applications on the C drive or otherwise use it.

    I only use it for working with PDF files in Adobe Acrobat 6.

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    If I install something that no menu item shows up, first thing I do is
    Update Menu. If that doesn’t do it, then:

    Main menu—>Applications—Preferences—>Add Menu item

    This will create a .desktop file in /usr/share/applications

    If you right click on any of those .desktop files in /usr/share/applications (I use rox-filer) you’ll see Open As Text,
    click on that will open geany and you will see the structure required. However, if you want to create or modify be sure to do it as root, sudo or su, otherwise you will
    truncate the file!!!


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    Some videos over here that might teach you something

    There is probably 3 or 4 videos in there showing how to add menu items besides how to master using this distro.

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