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    I have been using linux for must be 20 years now. Diehard Puppy fan from way back. But came into some old computers and so been experimenting with alternatives. Have LxPup on one, Lubuntu 19.04 on another, windows 10 the Swiss Cheese edition for when I feel like pointlessly banging my head against the wall, and now AntiX19 on another.

    I liked the installer. Well thought out. AntiX seems very stable once installed.

    My only internet is by tethering my antique Samsung BADA 3G cell. Didnt see any dedicated option for tethering in AntiX, and not particularly wanting to run wvdial from terminal, I played with Gnome-ppp. I know its a front end for wvdial. But plays little nicer, course its designed for dialup so have to add APN via custom added init, AT+CGDCONT=1,”IP”,”APN” substituting my cell provider’s actual APN in the string. Just mentioning cause seems lot times people that choose apps for operating systems think there are only ethernet, wifi, and few diehard dialup users out there. You think this is bad, win10 had something called wired connection service off by default and no mention anywhere that it existed. I just happened to stumble on it. Turned it on and used win10 dialup dialer which leaves a LOT to be desired. Yes Google found posts of people with win10 trying to use actual dialup and you cant set a win10 dialup connection as metered… There is supposed to be a cell connection interface in win10 but that must just be when win10 detects Android or iOS phones. Not shown or offered otherwise.

    And wow, hadnt run across a distribution where I had to change system clock from terminal for very long time. Did search of forum and nobody mentioning any menu option so guess its terminal or nothing. Nor did anybody give terminal command to do so. By way anybody finding this post with forum search, its date +%T -s “11:14:00” substitute time you want to apply for 11:14:00 I then added ntp via apt-get. You might think clock on computer is trivial, but I couldnt even sudo apt update until clock was reasonably close to correct time.

    Like say, I like AntiX from my experience with it so far, but everything has its quirks.


    And wow, hadnt run across a distribution where I had to change system clock from terminal for very long time. Did search of forum and nobody mentioning any menu option so guess its terminal or nothing. Nor did anybody give terminal command to do so.

    Control Center > System > Set Date and Time

    The only thing missing is to update the clock through the internet, which I wish was done automatically just after Setting the time.

    sudo ntpdate

    I really wish the Control Center was higher in the default menus of the different window managers. People seems to overlook it and search on the Applications submenu or on the net. I think I will create a post documenting each element for future forum searches.


    Control Center > System > Set Date and Time

    Try using that menu option, despite that label, it neither offers way to set time or date, it just offers to set timezone. Which does me no good since I am already have correct time zone. Be truly annoying if only way to set time was by using an incorrect time zone and then you could not do better than come within the hour.

    You can install npt to automagically set time: I think most distributions come with this installed.


    To be fair as I stated, I am using 32bit version of AntiX 19 and its a beta. Things broken in a beta are to be expected, so perhaps the time setting in control panel actually works in stable release, I have no idea.

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    Hello HJ.
    Yes, since I’ve been testing 19-b1, since my computer bios is set to local time, I’ve had to set the system clock to UTC. That corrects it. I’ve never noticed this prior, so I just assume this to be beta bug that will be fixed by the final release.


    Sorry for being so rude.

    Wellcome, HJ!
    I am sorry if I sounded a bit pedantic. My comment about the Control Center wasn’t directed at you, but a general rant. I just want everyone to know that many problems can be solved using the Control Center, to go there first.

    When pen-testing offline, my antiX pen (freshly cooked to the USB) usually never gets the time right. I set my country, using the Date and Time (if not selected in the boot menu), and then, when first connecting to the internet, the time is usually fixed. If it is not, all antiX full versions (be it 17.4 or 19b) come with ntpdate installed (antiX17 base does not include it). It does the same as your ntp but only for “fixing” the date and time (so you don’t need to download ntp). The simplest command you could use to “fix” the time using ntpdate is:
    sudo ntpdate
    That usually fixes the time for me. If not, I restart the session and that finally fixes it.
    This is how I fix it. Probably my problem isn’t the same as yours, as my experience is with a 64 bit system. Hopefully, with your advice in the first post, HJ, people will be able to solve this problem in the future.

    So, welcome to antiX forum!
    PD: By the way, I am not sure you will be able to upgrade from beta to final release, so beware!

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    attached is a GUI utility for performing various time//date management tasks

    how to install:
    Download & extract.
    Rename the file (it’s a python script) to whatever you wish ~~ suggested: timeset-gui
    chmod +x
    move or copy into /user/share/local/bin/

    how to use:
    sudo timeset-gui (or whatever alternative name you chose)


    the MX Linux repository has a .deb (mx-timeset) package which provides identical functionality & includes textlabel translations for 38(?) locales


    Thanks for the gui, works great. By way I downloaded deb from here: and installed with package manager. It installs and even creates a desktop icon (clock) though not on desktop, had to move the icon there.

    I know nothing of mxlinux, but apparently closely related to AntiX. And it mentioned Mepis. I remember Mepis. Long time ago.


    Welcome to antiX HJ. Yes, MX come from “M”epis and anti”X”. There’s a little story on here somewhere, maybe the Wiki. The short of it is that several Mepis folks collaborated with antiX to create MX. Now we have both.

    MX is essentially the next generation of the Mepis principles.


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    As long as we’re ranting… 😉 It would be wonderful if the Control Centre layout were responsive. When I use tiling managers (eg. bspwm) icons wind up in the window next door or in “right field”.

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    Pax vobiscum,
    Mark Rabideau -
    MX-19 kernel: 5.2.21-antix.1-amd64-smp
    "For every complex problem there is an answer that is clear, simple, and wrong." H. L. Mencken
    MX- antiX- bspwm, hlwm, xfce4



    Make control panel a floating a panel that way it won’t open full cell…
    Control Centre in antiX19 is executed form a script which is located in user/local/bin/

    Below are my binds for i3
    bindsym $mod+v exec –no-startup-id ~/.scripts/ ###here i have coped the to my scripts folder and run it from their..

    for_window [title=”Control Centre”] floating enable ##this conmand is what makes the Control Centre float as in the middle of the screenshot..


    MX- AHS 5.5.0-1-amd64 (i3) ROG STRIX B450-I , AMD Ryzen 5 3600 , 32gb.
    2 Laps T430 17.2 X220 17.4

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