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    antiX-17.3.1_386-base frugal installation:
    When booting into the rox-icewm desktop, I intermittently get the message in the attached image. When I get this message the desktop looks normal most of the time. Once, most of the icons were missing and I had to Restart Session.

    $ inxi -Fxz
    System:    Host: antix1 Kernel: 4.9.152-antix.1-686-smp-pae i686 bits: 32 compiler: gcc v: 6.3.0 Desktop: IceWM 1.4.2 
               Distro: antiX-17.3.1_386-base Helen Keller 27 December 2018 base: Debian GNU/Linux 9 (stretch) 
    Machine:   Type: Portable System: Dell product: Inspiron 6000 v: N/A serial: <filter> 
               Mobo: Dell model: 0J5165 serial: <filter> BIOS: Dell v: A09 date: 09/28/2005 
    Battery:   ID-1: BAT0 charge: 40.5 Wh condition: 42.4/73.3 Wh (58%) model: Sony DELL 00 status: Charging 
    CPU:       Topology: Single Core model: Intel Pentium M bits: 32 type: MCP arch: M Dothan rev: 8 L2 cache: 2048 KiB 
               flags: nx pae sse sse2 bogomips: 3989 
               Speed: 2000 MHz min/max: 800/2000 MHz Core speed (MHz): 1: 2000 
    Graphics:  Device-1: Intel Mobile 915GM/GMS/910GML Express Graphics vendor: Dell driver: i915 v: kernel bus ID: 00:02.0 
               Display: server: X.Org 1.19.2 driver: intel resolution: 1280x800~60Hz 
               OpenGL: renderer: Mesa DRI Intel 915GM x86/MMX/SSE2 v: 2.1 Mesa 13.0.6 direct render: Yes 
    Audio:     Device-1: Intel 82801FB/FBM/FR/FW/FRW AC97 Audio vendor: Dell Inspiron 6000 laptop driver: snd_intel8x0 v: kernel 
               bus ID: 00:1e.2 
               Sound Server: ALSA v: k4.9.152-antix.1-686-smp-pae 
    Network:   Device-1: Broadcom Limited BCM4401-B0 100Base-TX vendor: Dell Inspiron 6000 laptop driver: N/A port: bfa0 
               bus ID: 03:00.0 
               Device-2: Intel PRO/Wireless 2200BG [Calexico2] Network driver: ipw2200 v: 1.2.2kmprq port: bfa0 bus ID: 03:03.0 
               IF: eth0 state: down mac: <filter> 
    Drives:    Local Storage: total: 37.26 GiB used: 12.93 GiB (34.7%) 
               ID-1: /dev/sda vendor: Seagate model: ST940815A size: 37.26 GiB 
    Partition: ID-1: / size: 1.91 GiB used: 255.1 MiB (13.1%) fs: overlay source: ERR-102 
               ID-2: swap-1 size: 1.99 GiB used: 0 KiB (0.0%) fs: swap dev: /dev/sda5 
    Sensors:   System Temperatures: cpu: 52.0 C mobo: N/A sodimm: 35.0 C 
               Fan Speeds (RPM): cpu: 2602 
    Info:      Processes: 121 Uptime: 1h 30m Memory: 1.96 GiB used: 377.4 MiB (18.8%) Init: SysVinit runlevel: 5 Compilers: 
               gcc: 6.3.0 Shell: bash v: 4.4.12 inxi: 3.0.29 
    Forum Admin

    Open antiX control centre app -> Session > User Desktop Session > desktop-session.conf

    Change Startup_Delay from default “2” (secs) to “5” (or longer)

    Philosophers have interpreted the world in many ways; the point is to change it.



    I had previously changed Startup_Delay to 3 and then 4 seconds before I put it back to 2 and asked for help. Thanks for the input. I will change it to 5 and keep bumping it up if necessary until problem is resolved.

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