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    The Screen of the Iphone from my Father is broken and I know nothing about Iphones or Apple, so I hope anyone can help me.

    Unfortunatly he dont make a Backup

    Im looking for a Programm to copy some important Datas ( Photos and Music) to the desktop PC maybe someone had the same Problem and can recommend me a Programm.

    If there is no Programm for Linux/Ubuntu I can use a Windows PC.

    Thank you


    If you need some more Information please feel free and ask
    Distro antiX 19.3


    Hallo JohnArbuckle,
    can you/your father still log in to the phone ??. Is it already paired with any computer ?.

    If that is not the case maybe a competent shop/person can recover some data but the options on apple
    devices are limited.

    If the data on the phone is valuable and it is just a case of broken screen, depending on model a shop,
    not apple who only replace supported devices for an impressive fee might be able to remove the broken
    screen, hook up a working one and with help from your father recover data or even fix the phone.

    Software for this kind of problem is very limited and as far as I am aware not available for linux.

    Sorry, this kind of situation is why backups are so important, not just on phones..

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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