Is antiX going to get s6 init manager?

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        I tried to install and start antix and voidlinux with 66 (back to back :P). Antix indeed fails as @anticapitalisma mentions, but voidlinux works fine. So, the issue is definately not in the arch 🙁


          I am pretty sure mobinmob-isma means 32bit trials in both … to avoid confusion.


            I am pretty sure mobinmob-isma means 32bit trials in both … to avoid confusion.

            That is correct. I have not used 66 in i686 previously, strange as it may seem. But I did not anticipate any problems either.
            I have to say I am a little confused by the directory choices in the conf as I am used to a unified layout under /usr. I will try with slightly different options.

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              hum, the only way to debug it, it’s to start the 66-boot with strace -s256 -vf. Maybe the trouble comes from the code itself, but i have doubt as long as Void works.


                tried the updated script on a p-4 3ghz with 512mb ram and builds and reboots with
                no errors then stops as anticapitalista says, attached a shot of where it stops on the machine.
                not sue if it matters … I ran the script as sudo from / directory using antiX-19.3-runit-full
                32-bit iso install. It also says

                random: crng init done

                after a minute and I can log in as root to root@none


                  eric wrote: start the 66-boot with strace -s256 -vf

                  it stops at the shot attached.


                    please save the output of strace somewhere with the -o, so strace -s256 -vf -o <file> 66-boot -m and provide the full output.Also do not forget to use VERBOSITY=4(this is can be done by appending it at your the bootloader kernel command line).


                      ok took me a minute to get strace to a usb stick on it.


                        Nice work there Eric. The install script worked on my antiX Libre respin. eth0 is down for the moment, the OS threw up an “Unable to find a connection to the system bus” error for connman.

                        FI: Here, for the moment, I can use Ceni instead connman (and to use the web browser)
                        And I have created the file /etc/resolv.conf
                        # nameserver DNS-IP-of-your-box


                          when I type
                          cat /sbin/init
                          the output is

                          #!/bin/execlineb -P
                          66-boot -m

                            First thanks linuxdaddy for the output, useful for me :).
                            So according to the strace output
                            = -1 EFAULT (Bad address)
                            something is “wrong” on the code. I need to debug it by installing 66 on a antix 32bit inside a VM and try to understand what happens. This will take time…


                              btw I took quiet and vga lines off my kernel boot line and have it with rw in case have
                              to edit anything.

                              shouldn’t that say DEFAULT


                                can please you try the following?

                                Boot the machine, wait for the crash, log on with root at sulogin and try to launch the following command(replace <file> by a good one) and share the output.
                                strace -s256 -vf -o <file> /usr/bin/66-scandir -v5 -l /run/66 -b -s /etc/66/ -L root create


                                  I did and says
                                  strace:Can't stat '/usr/66-scandir': No such file or directory

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