Is it dangerous to touch NTFS using general Linux distros?

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      I read on somewhere on Reddit that it is “dangerous” to touch (even to read) NTFS using general Linux distros?

      Do you believe in that statement or it is just a FUD?


        Not specific to NTFS, as a security regimen I avoid needlessly mounting internal drives.
        Specific to NTFS, when I mount with read+write permission, I do so without reservation — without fear of “linux corrupting the data”.
        I’ll stop short of branding the redditor as spreading FUD; when dealing with certain (new, or casual) users, sometimes a “l’il white lie” serves as a beneficial coaching tool.

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          the only time I’m run into problems with ntfs is when I’ve booted into windows, and windows does a update on shutdown or whatever. Windows locks the ntfs partitions somehow during updates and “hybird shutdowns”, and I’ve found it possible with a linux root file manager session to cause data loss.

          The solution of course is to make sure windows leaves the ntfs partition in a neutral state. I do this by ensuring that updates are complete, including restarts, before switching back to a linux session.

          You can also do this without the updates ind windows by holding down the shift key when restarting. This will skip the update process and a restart will release the ntfs partition safely for other installs to use.


            the only time

            For me, “the only time” was back around 2006.
            I fell into a miserable, freakish, edge-case, whereby booting a liveCD
            (provided by Canonical, gratis, must take 5+ and promise to pass along to friends)
            fouled the (winXP, intel software raid driver) RAID array on one of my machines.

            To this day, whenever distrohopping, I hold a habit of uncabling internal drives prior to livebooting.


              Dolphin_oracle does as I do since I too must use windoze. Make sure it finished all updates before going to Linux.

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