is the much-hyped Robolinux "for real" (yes, it is real)

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    RoboLinux (2)
    It’s “real”… but arguably not “Epic” (as described on the tin)

    Ubuntu, or LinuxMint base + Virtualbox guest additions + humongous assortment of pre-installed applications
    (see: or

    …and its “secret sauce”
    ( see )
    coaches folks to use Microsoft sysinternals “disk2vhd” freeware utility to create a virtualbox image from an installed Windows system.

    Seriously, as a time-saver, that guidance is well worth the US19.95 (previously 39.95, IIRC)
    (No, I’m not a customer. Curiosity led me to retrieve his scripts — residing on an unprotected server — and audit them.)

    I, for one, would not have the patience to “load a windoze installation CD/DVD and install” into Virtualbox.
    Besides, nowadays even if someone did have the patience for that, and wished to migrate an XP or Win7 system… updates / ServicePacks may be unavailable.

    edited to add:


    As of January 3rd, 2018 all Robolinux Software is now Free!

    Robolinux is pleased to release Robolinux 8.10 Cinnamon, Mate 3D, Xfce 3D & LXDE 32 & 64 bit Raptor version downloads. What makes this new version so attractive to Linux users is for the first time Stealth VM for Robolinux, Stealth VM for Linux Mint, Ubuntu & other RPM systems, C Drive to VM, & the Robolinux Apps Installers are also now FREE!

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