SOLVED: Is there a default set of folders in the /home/user directory?

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    UPDATE: Searched the web a bit and found that subdirectories are formed automagically for a new user by the gui environment (xdg?). Since this is a minimal install, no GUI.

    I assume that’s the “answer” <g>.

    My first install of an antiX distro was the full version. As with Debian installs, this seems to install by default with several subdirectories (Documents, Downloads, etc).

    My latest antiX install is a net version of 19.1 (sid).

    I notice that the user directory has no subdirectories.

    Is this “normal” for both net and full and for sid and stable (and my memory is defective)?

    thanks for clarification.


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    I can’t speak to the net-install auto-magician-ness for user folder creation.

    You could look to modifying /etc/adduser.conf for fleshing out user profiles.

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    Yes it is normal.
    You could install xdg-utils and run in a user terminal


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    Hi anticapitalista,

    Ah – I didn’t realize that xdg would do anything without a GUI. I will try that.


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