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      Many years ago anticapitalistas joke of the day was antix becoming mainstream.

      Well it has been high on DW for a while. Highly regarded by many reviewers and more so by users.

      More important with latest developments and user friendly setup tools it absolutely declasses
      the majority of mainstream distros in all regards except one.

      Appearance. The old Metro theme was inviting, the present blurry cross is unfortunately opposite.

      The distro is in many ways about as radical and efficient as the Britten motorcycle.
      Badly Needs a fitting first impression to underline that fact.

      Heartfelt thanks to all who have helped and still are to make the distro The Best of The Best.

      # Sadly john Britten died of cancer at an early age. The world lost a genius.


        Appearance. The old Metro theme was inviting, the present blurry cross is unfortunately opposite.

        On any distro, it is always the first thing to go, as far as I’m concerned – (I prefer ‘plain’).

        Maybe our opening shot should be a range of old, (& new?), computers, each with a different WM showing(?), that would be within keeping of our distros primary aim(?).

        Linux (& BSD) since 1999
        Ultra Small Form Factor & thin client computers


          Hi fatmac,
          maybe every user has a favorite he changes to, it is more about having an attractive visual first encounter.

          Metro was maybe still is on some kids boxes.

          Old and new computers theme, good idea, had been mulling over saved from the dump, several of our boxes are
          just that.

          Be nice if anti could give us an idea of the direction he might like to go. And maximum memory footprint allowed,
          achieving a set target might be very challenging.

          Brian Masinick

            Appearance is something I value but I nearly always change the default

            The recent default MX Linux is one of the few that I have left in place.

            While I believe that a good standard wallpaper and a good theme and matching colors are important to the appearance and general attraction to the distribution, I also believe in freedom of choice, including easy ways to create your own look and feel. We have always done well with all aspects of choice.

            The packaging and the software are extremely important to me, and in fact are top priority with configurability a close personal second. I’ve always been pleased with the priority and availability of these capabilities.

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            Brian Masinick

            Forum Admin

              My favorite thing that brought a smile/grin to my face.breeze
              Some review sites old saying were . not mine.

              Only for advanced users

              After I got a dual boot Windows 95 and Puppy 2.15 to run a wireless pcmcia card.
              Antix was breeze. If unhappy. I bet their is desktop environment just for you.
              Wallpaper? Sheesh.

              Ever make a wireless connection with older version of Puppy linux? Ours was a breeze with wicd.

              My member retort to this thread is as follows :
              We have tbe best usb tools on the internet. So good MX linux uses them.
              I never like my motorcycles like I found them.
              Up to me to change that.
              Especially if freely given.

              Hence. I* use tools supplied by my distro of choice. To bring things in that I like. Doing anything else makes me sound like a ingrate.
              Here I am. Being grumpy old fart again.
              So pre-apology. Don’t pay attention since a member response,

              Being admin. I gotta read all threads.

              Sometimes I drive a crooked road to get my mind straight.
              I don't suffer from insanity. I enjoy every minute off it.
              Motorcycle racing is rocket science.

              Linux Registered User # 475019
              How to Search for AntiX solutions to your problems

              Brian Masinick

                I’m with you Roki. Several years ago when I was in Michigan I took a few malfunctioning computer systems and put antiX on it replacing Windows.

                On one computer for my mother I simply repartitioned the computer and added antiX to it and made it easily boot antiX and I configured the browser to contain only the sites that she used and I even had everything she wanted automatically start.

                When she tried to use Windows again she was lost because it was antiX that was simpler to set up and automate.

                For those who really know what to do you can automate and customize anything but certain things are easy and have better tools. Rather than debate who has the most tools or the best, I simply reply that for myself I am able to do whatever I want with antiX, regardless of what it is.

                Just to demonstrate flexibility I have, in the past, created full-blown desktop versions, specific purpose Core custom made versions, light. middle weight and heavy systems; whatever I chose I was able to do it, and it was as easy or easier than many systems because everything needed was available. If I tried that today it may compromise things that we love; the point though is that antiX is not only a great light, nimble system, it’s also a great tool chest for building whatever you want and I have proven that to myself many times.

                Bottom line: if you want to take ownership of what you want, it’s possible.

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                Brian Masinick


                  More important with latest developments and user friendly setup tools it absolutely declasses
                  the majority of mainstream distros in all regards except one.

                  Appearance. The old Metro theme was inviting, the present blurry cross is unfortunately opposite.

                  Agree that appearance is undeniably the first impression.

                  Given that the wallpaper happens to be a highly-subjective topic which might not have a consensus, can we at least stick with that old Metro theme by default? I still remember and really like the feeling of my first impression with antiX’s metro theme (it was antiX 17 at that time). A somewhat futuristic metro object, in a somewhat low resolution retro style, created a perfect balance IMHO.

                  Forum Admin

                    How many of you remember the negative criticisms of that Metro wallpaper?
                    I loved it and chose it for antiX-17 default. There were plenty of antiX friends/supporters that hated it. (Look up the threads).
                    My point is that whatever theme, wallpaper chosen is subjective.

                    Philosophers have interpreted the world in many ways; the point is to change it.

                    antiX with runit - leaner and meaner.

                    Brian Masinick

                      That was one of the best themes we have used but like anything else there are some people who love it and others do not.

                      Brian Masinick


                        Hi all, theme is always subjective, very true.

                        that really only means one could argue that a theme should be chosen and kept. despite any critics.

                        It is a pattern nests itself in our heads, becomes instantly recognizable, defines a product a message a service.
                        The reason why commercial companys pay Psychologists and marketing fuzzies millions.

                        Even colours work that way, Magenta Telekom, the worst provider expereience I ever had – Purple.
                        Milka Chocolate has the squeemy kind of Blue Packaging, calls the courts to protect its its colour.

                        The theme can easily be changed so dislike or hate is not the mopst valid criteria for choice.

                        Take a standard theme which is instantly recognisable, stay with it, it becomes a trade mark, Metro was one of the best
                        themes I have ever seen on starting a distro for the first time.

                        The powerful message, get in take a ride, we are travelling in/in to the future. Metro is familiar, the most efficient mass
                        transport system to date, it can be even more so depending on energy source.

                        It is old, but new and evolving over time, it is open for all, as is antiX.

                        And metro systems are here to stay.

                        I plead for that message.

                        Forum Admin

                          I loved it and chose it for antiX-17 default.

                          If we revert to shipping metro as the default wallpaper, we should also revert to shipping with Clearview Blue Medium as the default IceWM theme. Together they worked well in antiX-17.

                          It is not just about fashion or trends. A light theme is much easier to use than a dark one for people who have less than perfect eyesight.

                          Amended to correct theme name.


                            @ SamK, You wrote It is not just about fashion or trends.
                            A light theme is much easier to use than a dark one for people who have less than perfect eyesight.

                            thanks for bringing up a very important point.
                            Not sure if BobC has a light theme in his pocket matching the dark he recently produced.
                            If a light theme is standard and the BobC themes included ?. Theme is easy to change from control center.
                            Kids are really liking the dark theme, most have good eyesight.

                            Problem I do see is if fixed Medium Theme was adopted what happens regarding users with 4K monitors. I hope
                            Bobc could join in the discussion on that as he has the required hardware / software experience + 4K screen.

                            His theme pack is intended to provision from low to 4K and intended to work with have a mechanism to detect
                            and upscale. A fixed theme leaves some users with need for a magnifying glass until they can increase text and
                            icon sizes.

                            In the local electronics store 4K is dominantly presented, same for TV so needs regard. Lot of kids expecting giant 4K screens
                            for christmas, that is here in rich Germany. I hope to get some fallout, Full HD, HD and pass on to the not so fortunate.


                              I’m not a big fan of the “Blue Day” theme. On my main machine I use “Clearview Blue Medium”. Different people have different tastes in color schemes over time, I think.

                              On the subject of the new dark theme (not in repos, nearing completion), it was more that I found a new theme I liked the looks of in general, and at the same time having problems with my dual 4K screens on the one machine, and then request for a super efficient thin theme as well, and coming up with variants to meet all of those.

                              On the subject of Wallpapers, it is my humble belief that the distro should provide a wallpaper that looks good with the default theme, but also make it easy for normal users to add new wallpaper pics and get them in use very easily. Isn’t there a way that if we had a ~/Pictures/wallpaper folder, we could make it the default and put a link to /usr/share/wallpaper in it so people could still easily select any of the default ones provided as well. On my system, I added more functionality to the wallpaper scheme, originally on PCLinuxOS entirely script based, and then migrated to antiX, and then integrated with antiX’s to record the filename currently on screen, to be able to easily edit or delete it, but now having 50 or so I like, I don’t use that much anymore. I tend to like nature views, like water, mountains, ice, fields or forests, or space oriented views, or old antique things or extreme closeups, or some geometric patterns, myself. Anyway, whatever is chosen, I think it should be trivial to change.

                              Forum Admin

                                On my main machine I use “Clearview Blue Medium”.

                                That is the name I meant to use, I use Clearview Blue Large. Post #47177 amended

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