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      The word »dangerous« spoken by a German speaker without knowledge of the English language will get pronounced like

      I am familiar with German to some degree and I should say I like this joke a lot…
      Just to add to pronunciation, the consonant ‘g’ in the middle or end of word in German sounds more like ‘k’, so this accounts for pronunciation sounding as ‘Dankeruh’, instead of ‘Dangeruh’. Similarly a word such as ‘Held’ sounds more like ‘Helt’, as the consonant ‘d’ is at the end of this word.
      However Robin might correct me on this interpretation as the consonant ‘g’ is followed by a vowel, so it would still warrant pronunciation as ‘Dangeruh’ in German, and my interpretation is too much of a stretch…

      Aside from phonetics, I did not know Helmut Kohl was an object of jokes related to intelligence…
      This would be unlike of Adenauer or Willie Brandt or Honecker (he was the last Chancellor of the East)… Not sure of of Angela Merkel…

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        Hello olsztyn, you are right.

        Just to add to pronunciation, the consonant ‘g’ in the middle or end of word in German sounds more like ‘k’

        Think of it like the »g« in »garden« or in »goose«, even in the middle or at the end of a word.

        And yes, politicians are subject of jokes in Germany always. In our democracy this is not risky anymore, but during the »Third Reich« a simple harmless joke about the “Führer” could have caused you to vanish in a death camp, if a Gestapo informer overheard it accidentally. Glad not to live in those days.

        Adenauer and de Gaulle talk about the blaze of glory and the splendour of the Grande Nation. The French president tells the german Chancellor, that Napoleon was wearing always red trousers when he went into battle, so the enemy wouldn’t see his blood. This way the general intended to spread a kind of aura of invincibleness around himself.
        Adenenauers answer, after a short pause for reflection:
        ”Sir de Johl (Adenauer came from Rhineland, its a slight dialect), so now I do understand finally, what was the true reason for Hitler wearing always brown trousers.”

        They even make fun of themselves. From one of his speeches held in a parliamentary session in Munic:

        The Pythagorean theorem comprises 24 Words. Archimedes’ principle comprises 67 words, the Ten Commandments comprise 179 words, the American Declaration of Independance comprises 300 words. —
        Paragraph 19a alone of German Income Tax Act comprises 1.862 Words!
        (Erwin Huber, Bavarian Chancellor of the Exchequer ret.)

        No comment.

        Sorry, no Kangaroos around this time 🙂

        So here you are at least a very special variety of pear to sweeten the pill.
        Chancellor Kohl in reception of his political opponents.
        Text: The demand for the thirty-five hour week is absurd, foolish and stupid….
        And the earth is a disc.

        Kohl was described by his political opponents like a pear. From the next Image you may get why.
        Helmut Kohl as peach on title page of German Magazine »Spiegel«.
        He was really beloved by all satirics and caricaturists.
        Helmut Kohl as peach on cover of German magazine »Titanic«

        Windows is like a submarine. Open a window and serious problems will start.

        Brian Masinick

          Ah, the pictures “redeemed” this thread, which IS a humor thread, NOT a political thread, but after seeing the pictures, they’re as funny as the kangaroos!????????

          Brian Masinick

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