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    AvatarLen E.

    It is common knowledge that Nvidia discontinued development
    of the subject driver in 2017, at version 304.137-7, usable
    on kernels 4.13 or earlier. A more obscure fact is that the
    driver requires xorg-server-1.19.n, and won’t work on later

    This latter fact did not come to light with Ubuntu-18.04, which
    uses xorg-server-1.19.6.

    There is an excellent post at
    where the author describes the implementation of the
    driver on Ubuntu-18.04, with an available patch to support
    kernels 4.14 and 4.15.

    As a trial on Antix 19, I downgraded the xorg-server to
    the Debian Stretch version 1.19.2 by installing the
    relevant Debian Stretch backports modules from a
    directory with the command sudo dpkg -i *.deb.
    NB: It was first necessary to delete the current
    virtualbox-guest-x11 package, because there is no
    stretch counterpart. The list of modules is in
    the attached file, StretchBackportsGraphics.txt

    I then followed the procedure in the July 17, 2018
    entry of the Ubuntu post to the letter, with 4 small

    trivial —> I used leafpad rather than nano to
    create the disable-nouveau.conf file.
    minor —-> I needed to use sudo reboot rather
    than just reboot-alone commands
    significant —-> I omitted the patch statement which
    is only required for kernels 4.14 and 4.15

    important ——> I used the command sudo service slim stop
    Antix 19 uses the slim display manager, not lightdm

    To my delight, the installation went just fine.

    sudo lshw -C video and sudo inxi -Gxx commands confirmed that the
    nvidia driver was in effect.

    Len E.

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