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    While working together with other here to get autostart working I installed latest LO from backports, mainly so BobC
    would have same base setup as my system.
    Previously I had been installing from Libreoffice Org because the group had tested LO 7
    Beta versions and I just updated from there, most users were to be moved to the Backports Version.
    That is at present on hold as I was unable to get extensions running due to difficultys with the Java
    runtime causing obscure install errors.
    This has never occurred with the LO Org downloaded version, I purged the backports version, downloaded
    latest version, installed base and language packs with dpkg, and after setting menu entrys set to show (for some
    reason they were hidden) my extensions were immediately correctly installable and shown in the Extension Manager.
    The most important one to me being Language tool, German grammar is death to migrants like me so I really need all
    the help I can get.

    I have oracle java in /opt/oracle_java/jre1.8.0_241
    Link to /opt/oracle_java/java_latest/bin points to above.


    LO Backport was pointed there from options to no effect.

    I tried a number of suggestions found in I Net without success.
    This is not really a call for help but ideas on how to fix might be useful in future.

    Note: A new update of LO is in Pre Release, I now have installed Vers. will see what changes that brings.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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