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      how can we install libreoffice on antiX21?
      Thanks for your help


        it is part of the “full” version of the iso to be downloaded 🙂
        In any case:
        1. with GUI:
        close to the menu there is a rectangular figure with an arrow to the down. You double click on it, research for libre office and then you can install it

        2. with the cli: sudo apt install libreoffice

        enjoy !


          Should you want the latest Libreoffice, version 7.2.5 is as yet only available from LO Org site. It is not yet even in debian experimental.
          Runs nicely on my system and does offer some improvements over older versions. Details on LO org site.

          Download Libreoffice, any language packs you may wish for
          unpack the tgz downloaded packages
          To install: Example commands:
          cd /home/yourusername/downloads/LibreOffice_7.2.5.2_Linux_x86-64_deb/DEBS
          sudo dpkg -i *.deb

          The latest available LO Package from debian Backports is 1:7.2.3-2

          To use LanguageTool extension you will need Oracle Java, Unfortunately open java and LO do not work correctly together,
          place it in a folder named /opt/java. Java is also needed for Base to work fully.
          full path name /opt/java/jre1.8.0_311
          Select the java environment in Writer options extended


            Thanks a lot for all your answers.
            I just forgot one important detail : I need a 32 bits LibreOffice and I red that LibreOffice official releases are only 64 bits.
            On the eeePC I installed all 32 bits .deb found on a spanish site. Everything was OK, but I do not know how to launch LIbreOffice with this installation.
            Therefore I came to this forum…
            Thanks again


              The Package installer refered in the first reply does install LibreOffice in 32 bits, if your system is 32bits, and you can, if needed, install the spanish localization files, from the Package installer.
              If you do that, all the installed LibreOffice apps will appear in your menu.
              If you installed libreoffice from .deb files, probably from Escolas Linux web site, try Menu > refresh menu. All new entries should appear in your menu.
              To launch libreoffice without a menu: use the terminal and run:

              or run the command to start the desired application: ex:

              libreoffice --writer
              libreoffice --calc



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                thanks a lot.
                I will try the full package.
                Best regards


                  “refresh” suggestion worked with the spanish installation…


                    the only ‘version’ of 7.2.5 with x86 I found is LibreOffice_7.2.5_Linux_x86-64_deb_sdk.tar.gz.
                    But when you look inside there is only amd64 debs.
                    And they are not workable on the eeePC.
                    I will try the full antiX version on an old VAIO (still in antix 17 currently) to see what happens with LO.
                    Best regards

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