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    Librewolf: a modern browser based on Mozilla open source code. caveat 64 Bit only. Home and gives info as well as lead to download sites.
    Latest Firefox — LibreWolf is compiled directly from the latest build of Firefox Stable. You will have the the latest features, and security updates.
    Independent Build — LibreWolf uses a build independent of Firefox and has its own settings, profile folder and installation path.
    As a result, it can be installed alongside Firefox or any other browser.
    No phoning home — Embedded server links and other calling home functions are removed. In other words, minimal background connections by default.
    User settings updates
    Extensions firewall: limit internet access for extensions.

    Ublock origin is installed as default.
    The project is very active, releases follow latest F Fox very closely.

    Has a set of respectable search engines i.e. low or no tracking.
    Does not send every search term to google, firefox does.
    Does not follow the deceipt of Mozilla in that settings made by user are not always
    changed in config. This is a privacy and trust issue.

    is available for Bullseye only in appimage form so there are no automatic updates.

    Watching the network while starting and using LibreWolf showed it to be very quiet.

    Out of interest I wanted to take a look in the appimage. Nice is that it is a zipped archive,
    just change from appimage and unpack, it will decompress in the containing directory

    Package contents, as expected are very similar to the firefox it is based on.
    It has the pingsender extension, I renamed it to pigsbender. Ping is disabled in config.
    In Browser features there are several hidden extensions. The only one which I found
    bothering was screenshot, in Firefox that can be remotely controlled according to dev
    notes, that includes headless mode for debugging !. Convincing, no so deleted.

    Firefox downloaded from mozilla and unpacked (it comes zipped) will usually start with a click
    on the binary, usualy because mozilla has modified the start on occasion.

    Use as appimage, make executable, click and go, how to make a starter, described many times in the forum.

    Run uncompressed

    Unpacked Librewolf has a start script’ which I have only working when the wolf is in a directory in home called
    Librewolf. After first start, for that I dragged the script title in to a shell window, the
    next start is extremely fast, just a click on the script or a start icon that LibreWolf generates
    needed. Nice. The start speed can be explained by no more need to unpack, no reporting engines and
    ping machines active to slow down the machine.

    Sound may be an issue for some, depends on user setup.

    I no longer use a browser for media, we have better tools in antiX.

    Looks good, works well. Fairly lightweight, does not generate gigabytes of cache as chromium and chromium based browsers do.

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    Thanks for carrying the torch and pursuing the topic of best privacy-respecting web browser, Moddit. Currently I’m battling neck cancer and am out-of-touch with the online world, but six months ago I would have agreed that LibreWolf (along with Ungoogled Chromium) is the best available prospect. I do worry that both projects fail to “go far enough” though toward eradicating (selectively withholding from their custom compilations) unwanted bundled components (getpocket, experiments…) and unwanted / unneeded / worrisome “features” (topsites, activity stream, newtab embedded crud, screenshot capability, peerconnection aka webRTC…)

    This detail continues to give me pause:

    Other acknowledgements

    @pyllyukko for compiling their user.js file

    During past reviews, I have found disfavor with many of the recommended-by-pyllyukko preference values.


    Really sad to hear you are hit with cancer, even worse now as covid negatively affecting about every service,
    health and hospitals especialy.

    I agree that both LibreWolf and ungoogled Chromium can be improved. LibreWolf is perhaps the easiest to further tame,
    especialy now I know how to run it unpacked and can remove the hidden extensions and kill pingsender.

    For ungoogled Chromium I am a bit fed up of being hampered by extension policy, only on chrome store forced by google.

    Looks like I will have to mess with an otherwise never used device logged in to an open network with chrome and a gmail
    adress to get some extensions, seems not so difficult to sideload.

    In ungoogled Chromium
    about:about leads to chrome://about/ and gives more insight in to what is easy to change. Trouble is most users, that
    includes my daughterr refuse to think about the implications of using google daily everywhere.

    @pyllyukko user.js, really designed not to bother the user with need to change profile or browser for some sites rather
    than for security or privacy.

    Biggest bugbear is sites which twist our arms, one such left me using vivaldi today. Needed to send money to sweden and
    that was the least evil (I hope) of my possible choices. Going to a bank and doing a paper transfer is highly involved
    extremely expensive, and data from the transfer gets sent all around the world. Talk about money wash prevention, that
    is only for the poor. The rich and influential just laugh and fly off with a private jet.

    Brian Masinick

    Skidoo wrote:
    Currently I’m battling neck cancer and am out-of-touch with the online world…

    Prayers for your comfort and healing.

    Brian Masinick


    Installation rwevisited and Appimage updater, updating looks interesting but not yet tested,
    maybe somebody smarter than me can figure out a privacy friendly way of notification that an update
    is available.

    For the rest of us shortly after a new FF version we can check for availability of an update.

    Download LibreWolf-94.0.2-2.x86_64.AppImageView all versions and release notes

    Then run chmod +x LibreWolf-*.AppImage to make it executable. To install LibreWolf permanently via an AppImage, we recommend something like AppImageLauncher.

    AppImage files are now released as gitlab packages as well at This allows having stable links (at$FILE_NAME)` which can be used as update information for the AppImage releases.

    This means that from this release onward, AppImage releases can be updated with AppImageUpdater.

    A release downloaded as LibreWolf.x86_64.AppImage, for example, can be updated with ./AppImageUpdate-x86_64.AppImage -d ./LibreWolf.x86_64.AppImage.

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