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      Okay, a workaround (not that anyone would bother do so):

      choose a color + width, then click pen tool _and_ click the “asterisk looking glyph”.
      Click where you want the tip, the point, of the arrow.
      Click where you want the tailend of the arrow shaft, then twice more for the arrowpoint ends.
      Press “esc” to release the tool.



        Aunt Nell knows a lot of Mary Smiths. This one happens to be a relative; considering after-screencapture features, Mary Smith wants to know, can libreoffice-Draw be chosen (designated selected) instead of mtpaint?


          > Mary Smith wants to know

          wants to know why “SendTo Aunt Nell” isn’t offered as an option


            Mary says, “Can Do it with my -Draw. ”

            what is the threshhold for lightweight? versus features.
            draw180MiB, mtpaint 13MiB. customisable is the goal(?) Some custom Action attention used to equate user needs?
            topic is lightweight and
            BobC is onto a good combination.


              Well, for me, most times I take a screenshot it’s to show or explain to someone where to click or what is entered.

              I guess I will just add an icon for Ksnip and switch my PrntScrn key to it.

              Not looking to make work for anyone.


                BobC ooh. the takeaway. ouch.
                do it, but show us where to substitute -Draw (resident in _full) or az ;
                otherwise we help program custom actions in mtpaint to replace these features ,, like,, send mail, export, print, edit,, (?) aww. you know,, the stuff ksnip or draw do,, you don’t need help,, you probably have it covered.
                Thanks for sharing.


                  Not true, I started this topic trying to find a light way to add annotation ability to antiX’s screenshot script because I need the capability almost every day. Maybe Skidoo is right and this is trying to solve a problem that doesn’t exist or isn’t worth solving for anyone but me.

                  Ksnip and Flameshot already exist. I was trying to find a way to add the annotation ability and online help to screenshot functionality for antiX, without adding any bulk to the distro, not just for me. Adding the ability to upload to Imgur like Ksnip and Flameshot or Email it would have been doable, but if you couldn’t add the annotations, it wouldn’t be a good solution.

                  I tried LibreOffice Draw and it was able to draw the lines with arrowheads, but was a bulky and complex program for someone just wanting to add a few lines, arrows and text to a pic.

                  AZPainter wasn’t able to easily add the lines with arrowheads that I could figure out. I see skiddoo figure out a way above. Necessity is the mother of invention, LOL.

                  MTPaint, I found the settings are saved to ~/.mtpaint when you exit, but not how to change the defaults on flow or brush. The way I could figure out to increase the flow setting was to pass an F7 followed by 5 tabs, the number for flow, and 1 enter key. Then the user would likely need to do an F3 to bring up the Brush options so they could adjust the line thickness with their mouse because it is very thin by default. In other words, it isn’t optimal for the task, either, unless we can change those defaultes in the settigs file. It does have a script option, that maybe could do those things, but I wasn’t able to understand the syntax, or find anything on that in the manual. It has an Actions submenu off the file menu which include Exporting, Emailing and Printing, already, and an additional option could be added to upload the current picture to Imgur once we have the syntax to do that. I still think MTPaint is pretty close for doing what I think is needed for the task compared to the others.


                    I asked the MTPaint devs about the above. If it could be setup to do the lines, arrows and text, as well as upload, email or print the pic, that would be great.

                    LOL, for me, anyway.


                      @ BobC,
                      agree mtpaint is most promising I have found in the lightweight league after a lot of searching.
                      Been trying to pass on annotated grafik to claws as attachment, calls claws ok but lost after that.
                      Printing, as yet still trying to figure out the command needed. Spent more time than I wanted trying.

                      On Bullseye system-config-printer is not working (yet), that may be part of issue.
                      Setup over localhost:631 page main programmes print ok to my MFC-J-6710 inkjet and to PDF using
                      virtual printer so hardware, drivers (brother PPD) and cups system is ok.

                      AZ Painter seems very focussed on doing one job well, mtPaint more an advanced general graphics tool.
                      Be great if we can get it setup properly.

                      Just read your last post, good, thanks.

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                        BobC, what would be your ideal set of prepackaged mtpaint custom actions?

                        {"Print image", "gtklp %f"},
                        {"View EXIF data (leafpad)", "exif %f | leafpad"},
                        {"View filesystem data (xterm)", "xterm -hold -e ls -l %f"},
                        {"Edit in Gimp", "gimp %f"},
                        {"Email image", "seamonkey -compose attachment=file://%f"},
                        {"Send image to Firefox", "firefox %f"},
                        {"Send image to LibreOffice Draw", "???????????????? %f"},
                        {"Edit Clipboards", "mtpaint ~/.clip*"},
                        {"Time delayed screenshot", "sleep 10; mtpaint -s &"},
                        {"View image information", "xterm -hold -sb -rightbar -geometry 100x100 -e identify -verbose %f"},
                        {"#Create temp directory", "mkdir ~/images"},
                        {"#Remove temp directory", "rm -rf ~/images"},
                        {"#GIF to PNG conversion (in situ)", "mogrify -format png *.gif"},
                        {"#ICO to PNG conversion (temp directory)", "ls --file-type *.ico | xargs -I FILE convert FILE ~/images/FILE.png"},
                        {"Convert image to ICO file", "mogrify -format ico %f"},
                        {"Create thumbnails in temp directory", "ls --file-type * | xargs -I FILE convert FILE -thumbnail 120x120 -sharpen 1 -quality 95 ~/images/th_FILE.jpg"},
                        {"Create thumbnails (in situ)", "ls --file-type * | xargs -I FILE convert FILE -thumbnail 120x120 -sharpen 1 -quality 95 th_FILE.jpg"},
                        {"Peruse temp images", "mtpaint ~/images/*"},
                        {"Rename *.jpeg to *.jpg", "rename .jpeg .jpg *.jpeg"},
                        {"Remove spaces from filenames", "for file in *\" \"*; do mv \"$file\" <code>echo $file | sed -e 's/ /_/g'</code>; done"},
                        {"Remove extra .jpg. from filename", "rename .jpg. . *.jpg.jpg"},

                          The Devs at MTPaint provided the missing clues….

                          As to changing default flow or default brush, at present the only possible solution is a script like this:

                          -e/set flow=12 -e/brush type=circle size=3

                          Even with that, presently there is no option to run script at startup (because no one asked for it); but adding it to menu/binding it to hotkey might be enough for doing such initial setup.

                          As to uploading to Imgur, seems they may have a tool for it linked here:
                          “Bart’s Bash Script Uploader”
                          If the thing works, then “ %f” will be the action.

                          How to by bigpup on the help, can tweak to have both if installed, hmmmm, might be English only…

                          It had an mtPaint directory containing a index.html file (size767B) that contained this:

                          <meta http-equiv="content-type" content="text/html; charset=Shift_JIS">
                          <title>The mtPaint Handbook</title>
                          <table border="2" cellpadding="5" cellspacing="1">
                             <td><img src="images/index.png"></td>
                                <h1>The mtPaint Handbook</h1>
                                <h3>By Mark Tyler and Dmitry Groshev</h3>
                                </p><h3>Edition 3.40 - December 2011</h3>
                                <a href=""><b><u>Contents</u></b></a><br><br>
                                <a href="">Cesky preklad - Pavel Ruzicka</a>
                          <a href="">mtPaint home at</a>

                          To make it work identify this index.html file in:
                          mtPaint->image->preferences->Paths->Location of Handbook Index

                          When you click on mtPaint->Help->Documentation it will open the browser to the page:


                            Yes, many choices, skidoo. Check out the scripting toys I found above. Gotta look at chapter 10 of help from the web, its not in the installed manual.

                            We need to add an upload to the Web.
                            Add ILE selections
                            Ask Moddit for more, as he seems to hit all the walls with his kids, LOL.

                            PS: Ok Moddit, I will try hooking up a printer. I think I have 2 that work (Brother Laser and HP Inkjet Scan/Fax/Print)

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                              Hello BobC and everyone
                              Buttons, boxes, OKs, approvals, translations, ,Are all Over-rated.
                              Add to function save_shot .screenshot-antix0.2.7
                              mtpaint "$dir_path"/"$file_name"."$file_ext" &
                              I have question about the semi-colon at end of line in preview is different than other lines? tell about semi-colons, i do not know this langsyntax,, at all ,, ; another variable for me ,, ;

                              Avoid spacefm –desktop with “Window” selected clicking on spacefm –desktop instead of a window,,
                              rox desktop not quite the same a click out, but borderless spacefmdesktop fullscren foreground is a trap [alt+lftclkDrag] , if you miss the first click.. Without one of those desktop_manager it sees root window okay. I made workaround with killing spacefm. It does not kill root spacefm, just regular spacefm. then start spacefm –desktop. it gives fullscreenshot with spacefm-desktop, just like asked. You got me continuing to poke. About capture. in reduced window, using preview full instead of custom, poking. thanks. .

                              function save_shot {
                                  if [ -e "$dir_path"/"$file_name"."$file_ext" ] ; then
                              		yad --title="antiXscreenshot" --image="info" --text=$"File exists. Overwrite? In case\nyou chose ˮNoˮ a counter will\nbe appended to filename." --button=$"Yes":4 --button=$"No":5
                              		if [ $? == 5 ]; then
                              			while [ -e "$dir_path"/"$file_name"_"$v"."$file_ext" ] 
                              				echo $v
                              				file_name_cnt=$(echo "$file_name"_"$v")	
                                  mv "$WORKING_DIR"/"$NAME"."$EXT" "$dir_path"/"$file_name"."$file_ext"
                                  mv "$WORKING_DIR"/"$NAME"-thumb."$EXT" "$dir_path"/"$file_name"-thumb."$file_ext"
                                  rm -rf "$WORKING_DIR"
                              	if [ -e "$dir_path"/"$file_name"."$file_ext" ]; then
                              	    mtpaint "$dir_path"/"$file_name"."$file_ext" &
                              		yad --title="antiXscreenshot" --timeout=6 --image="info" --text=$"Your screenshot has been saved."
                              		yad --title="antiXscreenshot" --image="info" --text=$"Error saving your screenshot. \n File was not saved."

                                edited in Screenshot. text and resize. great idea BobC. handshake.
                                and after that shot bumped the quality to 100


                                  a line-ending semicolon within a bash script is superfluous (unnecessary but harmless)

                                  a mid-line semicolon denotes a command separator.
                                  We may freely issue multiple, semicolon separated, commands on a single line instead of placing each command on its own line. Each of the following examples should produce an identical result:

                                  echo "shoe"
                                              echo "shoe"
                                  ls; echo "shoe"

                                  ls; echo "shoe";

                                  semicolon is also used (required) when drafting an “if then” statement.
                                  Each of the following examples should produce an identical result:

                                  if [[ 1 == 2 ]];then echo "shoe";fi;
                                  if [[ 1 == 2 ]]; then echo "shoe"; fi;
                                  if [[ 1 == 2 ]]; then echo "shoe"; fi

                                  if [[ 1 == 2 ]]; then
                                     echo "shoe"
                                  if [[ 1 == 2 ]]; then
                                     echo "shoe"; fi


                                  When drafting a “case” statement, dual semicolons are used (required) to denote the end of each item.
                                  Placing the pair at end of line, vs on a separate line (and/or padded with with space chars to visibly align) is a matter of style ~~ syntactically, all are equally valid.

                                    case "$?" in
                                      killall feh
                                      # lines omitted in this pasted example
                                      killall feh
                                      rm -rf "$WORKING_DIR"    ;;
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