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      thanks skidoo. one less variable the end of line.


        kudos for fulfilling BobC’s wish, ile


          Thanks for input, all,
          Printing still not working from mtpaint, will try suggested command from skidoo later.
          system config printer complains about missing a library in bullseye so
          that is likely what is blocking the antix tool.

          printing from nomacs OK. Fast Light good for fotos when heavyweights darktable or
          gimp not needed. Will load and show my Nikon Raw photos which are huge.
          Unfortunate for some only X64 supported..

          Passing image to gimp working fine, no changes needed.

          Mail usage is Claws for us. from mtpaint claws –compose –attach=file://%f
          opens the claws mail window, just not finding the image yet. so something wrong with my path or temp.

          Been looking at/inspiration from this from

          Copyright is by me: Lasse Pommerenke <>
          # I hereby put this under the GPLv2 license. # (DSGVO Conformity :-).

          IMAGESHACK_ID=”duh, I forgot to sign up at imageshack!”


          DELAY=”5″ # delay in seconds
          QUALITY=”75″ # quality, default is 75

          APP=”$MAILPROG –compose $RECIPIENT?subject=$IMAGESHACK_ID –attach $IMAGE”

          exec scrot –delay $DELAY –quality $QUALITY –exec “$APP” “$IMAGE”

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            > Printing still not working from mtpaint, will try suggested command from skidoo


            {“Print image”, “gtklp %f”},

            it was not my suggestion, I had just copypasted from the mtpaint source code.

            if not already installed on your system, gtklp package is installable from debian buster or testing/bulleye repository

            BobC said “asked the developers”
            but didn’t mention whether he was aware of the recently released (v3.5+) version of mtpaint.

            mtPaint NEWS

            Here is a summary of the main changes in this release (see handbook for full details):

            3.51 2021-??-??

            * Kabyle translation added by Yacine Bouklif
            * Czech translation updated by Pavel Fric
            * Slovak translation updated by Jozef Riha
            * Spanish translation updated by Adolfo Jayme
            * Tagalog translation updated by Anjelo delCarmen
            * Animated WebP files now can be loaded into layers, or exploded into frames
            * GIF file format support now is builtin (does not use giflib anymore)
            * GIF loader made yet more tolerant to malformed GIF files
            * ICC colour profiles embedded in GIF and WebP images now can be applied on load
            * BMP loader made more tolerant to malformed BMP files
            * Better support for OS/2 BMP varieties
            * Counting used colours and exact conversion to indexed now are 9-19 times faster
            * Multithreaded decompression enabled for OpenJPEG 2.2+ in Windows version too
            * Support for multithreaded compression in OpenJPEG 2.4 added
            * Support for compiling with libtiff 3 restored
            * Support for compiling with gcc builds (mis)configured with –with-gcc-major-version-only added
            * BUGFIX – RGB clipboard when used in Map effect now is padded with black if too small, as it should
            * BUGFIX – Gradient editor now displays correct overlay colours for utility channels again
            * BUGFIX – Saved GIF files are now properly labeled GIF89 if transparent and GIF87 if not
            * BUGFIX – GIF files without any image blocks now properly fail to load (instead of producing a 0x0 image)
            * BUGFIX – Composited GIF animation frames that use more than 256 colours now do not come out with wrong colours in certain cases
            * BUGFIX – Exploding, or loading into layers, GIF animation files with screen size and/or frame position outside canvas size limit no longer causes crash
            * BUGFIX – When first frame of GIF animation is loaded, “.000” is added to the filename, as it should be
            * BUGFIX – Loading certain broken BMP files no longer causes crash
            * BUGFIX – Ctrl+N and Ctrl+P keys now work, or do nothing, properly when focus is on a list in GTK+2/3 mode
            * BUGFIX – Problem with some scrollable areas in GTK+ 3.22 and later being smaller than they should be is now eliminated

            3.50 2020-12-31

            * Dutch translation updated by Pjotr
            * French translation updated by Victor Copovi
            * German translation updated by Simon Brixel
            * Russian translation updated
            * GTK+3 support – “./configure gtk3”
            * Scripting added – “Image->Script” to enter or run a script : See handbook chapter 10 for details
            * Commandline mode added – use “mtpaint –cmd” to run a script without GUI
            * Keyboard shortcuts can now be reconfigured – “Help->Keyboard shortcuts”
            * New keyboard shortcut Ctrl+H added for Channels->Hide image
            * Keyboard shortcuts now can be assigned for choosing previous/next pattern, and larger/smaller brush size
            * Optional gamma correction for painting and masking (Preferences->General->Use gamma correction when painting)
            * Rendering now uses multiple threads to utilize all available CPU cores
            * Text tools now allow selection of DPI value, letter-spacing, and alignment for multiline text
            * Distance function for shapeburst gradients is now selectable : “Distance type”
            * Composite images now can have alpha transparency, when background is non-opaque
            * Background layer now can use transparency like any other layer
            * Background layer position now can be changed via Ctrl+arrows or layers window spinbuttons, like any other layer
            * Patterns for colours A and B can now be chosen separately (Preferences->General->Separate patterns for A&B)
            * Builtin Bayer patterns now can be redefined : See handbook section A.6.1 for details
            * Threshold effect with interactive preview added (see handbook section 6.6.7)
            * Normalize effect added
            * Map effect added: map image’s value/red/green/blue to gradient/palette/clipboard
            * Solid Noise effect with interactive preview added (Perlin noise generation)
            * Colour transform and source selection added to blend mode options
            * Threshold blend mode added
            * “Saturate more” blend mode redefined to not ignore source (previous behaviour available with “Image” source selected)
            * Horizontal and vertical ramps now respect drawing modes, opacity and masking
            * Lasso tool can be configured to shrink selection based on the selection channel – right click the tool icon
            * Clone tool is now continuous
            * Clone tool can be configured to work in unaligned mode – right click the tool icon
            * Ctrl+Left click now positions clone source when using clone tool
            * Ctrl+Right click now deletes last point when making polygonal selection (from a closed polygon, deletes the point nearest to cursor)
            * Shift and Shift+Ctrl now constrain selection box width/height when resizing it by clicking and dragging
            * Arrow keys can now be used for scrolling (Preferences->Interface->Arrow keys scroll canvas)
            * Zooming now can use mouse cursor position as its fixed point (Preferences->Interface->Zoom on cursor position)
            * Scroll wheel zoom now works for view window too
            * Zoom is now up to 8000%
            * “Hide image” and “View alpha as an overlay” can now be toggled separately for each layer (Preferences->General->Enable overlays by layer)
            * Colours A and B now highlighted in palette window
            * File actions can now enable and use an extended set of variable substitutions (see handbook section A.7)
            * New image format PMM (Portable MultiMap) added for interoperable storage and exchange of images : See handbook section A.2.4 for details
            * WebP file format save/load added
            * LBM file format (ILBM/PBM) save/load added
            * XPM files with 65-92 colours are now saved with smaller size
            * XPM files with up to 16M colours can now be saved and loaded as RGB images
            * ICC colour profiles embedded in BMP images now can be applied on load
            * OS/2 BMP files now load properly
            * Raw RGB palette files (6-bit PAL and 8-bit ACT) can now be loaded/saved via the Palette menu
            * TIFF compression made configurable
            * Dimensions can now be specified when loading SVG files
            * SVG files now can be loaded through ‘rsvg-convert’, in absence of GTK+2 librsvg plugin
            * Animation frames now can be saved in any suitable supported file format
            * Animation cycles can now specify sequence steps as containing several layers, or none : See handbook section 9.3.3 for details
            * Passing a list of files on command line is now possible using –flist option
            * Filenames passed on command line can now be sorted alphabetically with –sort option
            * Image loading and new image creation are now undoable by default
            * Committing paste when changing tool is now enabled by default
            * Saving an image now commits paste if auto commit mode is enabled
            * “Scale canvas” and “Resize canvas” now remember their aspect ratio toggle setting
            * The Free Rotate window now remembers the previous rotation angle in that mtPaint session
            * Dock area state is now remembered across sessions (unless opened automatically, for multiple files on command line)
            * Unmaximized window position and size are now remembered across sessions
            * Alpha values for colours A & B are now displayed on settings toolbar when editing image with alpha in coupled alpha mode
            * Drawing and fill operations on RGB images with colour protection mask now are up to 20 times faster
            * Undo system now uses a bit less memory
            * Initial undo memory size is now 1/4 of available memory
            * Support for compiling with giflib 5, libpng 1.6, libjpeg 9, OpenJPEG 2.3 added
            * Compilation now works using gcc-5.5 or clang and GTK+1
            * Compilation now works using gcc-10 or clang-11
            * BUGFIX – Compilation without JPEG and TIFF support now works again
            * BUGFIX – FreeType text tool now skips directory loops when scanning font directories
            * BUGFIX – Geometry info on the status bar now correctly updates after arrow keys or Escape key
            * BUGFIX – Gradient button no longer fails to show current gradient mode after showing settings toolbar
            * BUGFIX – Preview of Transform Colour no longer ignores area within paste marquee
            * BUGFIX – Ctrl+left/right/double click now set both colour and alpha from canvas in coupled alpha mode, as they should
            * BUGFIX – New image creation from system clipboard now respects “Undoable” toggle
            * BUGFIX – “Fix aspect ratio” now doesn’t sometimes adjust both dimensions
            * BUGFIX – Problem with layers list in inactive dock tab sometimes not updating is now eliminated
            * BUGFIX – All keyboard shortcuts now work in Image View mode, as they should
            * BUGFIX – Transparent colour in composite images now works again
            * BUGFIX – Flood fill with shapeburst gradient now works again
            * BUGFIX – Flood fill with pattern now works when starting on colour A
            * BUGFIX – Saving LSS16 images no longer produces broken files in certain rare cases
            * BUGFIX – Trying to load a broken LSS16 file (truncated to header or less) no longer causes crash
            * BUGFIX – Loading certain broken BMP files no longer causes crash
            * BUGFIX – JPEG and PNG files damaged beyond all hope now properly fail to load (instead of just a library error and 0x0 image)
            * BUGFIX – PAM files with type BLACKANDWHITE are no longer loaded as grayscale (except if written as grayscale – ImageMagick does that)
            * BUGFIX – Loading PAM files with unknown TUPLTYPE doesn’t cause crash
            * BUGFIX – SVG files starting with “<!DOCTYPE” no longer fail to load
            * BUGFIX – XPM loader now ignores newlines or lack thereof outside quoted strings, as it should
            * BUGFIX – No more misplaced colours when saving some XPM files with 257-4096 colours
            * BUGFIX – Two-colour images with darker colour 0 now do not come out inverted when saved as black and white
            * BUGFIX – Animation cycling now doesn’t skip over the last frame of a GIF loaded into layers
            * BUGFIX – Background layer is now made large enough to accommodate all frames when loading animation into layers
            * BUGFIX – Animation cycles are now properly updated when layers are reordered, duplicated or deleted
            * BUGFIX – Command line switches beyond the first one are now parsed properly
            * BUGFIX – Filenames with ‘$’ or ‘%’ in them now work properly in file actions
            * BUGFIX – Listing a directory containing files with broken date/time in builtin file selector on Windows doesn’t cause crash
            * BUGFIX – Rare problem of undo system ignoring a changed pixel is now eliminated
            * BUGFIX – Polygonal selections no longer skip some contour pixels in certain situations
            * BUGFIX – Canvas window now doesn’t lose mouse button press event if dock window has focus
            * BUGFIX – Tool perimeter now doesn’t sometimes disappear when you draw after visiting another window (such as Layers)
            * BUGFIX – Problem with command line window wrongly reacting to mouse in some cases is now eliminated
            * BUGFIX – XPM icons now do not in some cases fail to display in compositing WMs
            * BUGFIX – Escape and Enter keys now work properly in all dialogs in GTK+1
            * BUGFIX – Dropping colours to palette in builtin colour selector now works properly in GTK+1


              hello everyone
              not firefox; firefox-esr.
              send to printer <lp %f>
              mailto new;attach <claws-mail –compose –attach %f> (?)
              xdg-email –attach %f (?)
              Appreciate that these get human readable familiar text handles chosen by the user.


                I redid the user interface of to get it down to where its a smooth process from screenshot to mtpaint, all defaulted, with no popups unless you request them, and have that working nicely. I’ll post a pic tomorrow when my bullseye test machine is back awake.

                When using the script to upload to imgur you need to know the URL of where it put the file, and the URL of the delete link for it. I haven’t figured out how to do that yet. I tried telling roxterm to pause, but it won’t let me copy the URL’s when paused, and otherwise the screen just flashes by. Any ideas?

                MTPaint will display at 100% of size or 50%, but nothing in between. I asked the MTPaint Devs for an 80% option (its on a pulldown, not an editable field), but if they won’t or can’t, I was thinking of downsizing full screen images to 75 or 80% by default so they would fit. Normally I wouldn’t want to do that, but maybe it makes sense anyway on full screen images. What do you people think?


                  the screen just flashes by. Any ideas?

                  “tee” command
                  “command substitution”

                  $ current_date=$(date)
                  $ echo "Today is $current_date"

                  probably not ideal for this exact task, but glance at the manpage for the “script” command


                    I didn’t explain well enough. I’m trying to improve It’s working. See screenshot.

                    I’ve also included mtpaint.html which needs to be copied to /usr/share/doc/mtpaint and will not interfere if the MTPaint documentation package is installed or not, offering the current web version as well as the installed version, if any. It looks to be English and maybe Polish only, but maybe someone can suggest how to improve that.

                    I’ve also included the script but it’s pretty tricky for me. I tested it independently from a terminal and it worked from there, but when I tried to run it from MTPaint by adding an Action (run from File/Action), I wasn’t happy that it didn’t show me the URL that displays the pic or the URL that is needed to delete it. There isn’t any point uploading it if you don’t remember where it went 🙂 I see it tries to write it to the clipboard, which is good I guess, but how will the user find it, etc. For now, I’m popping up an xmessage window with the info, so at least the user can copy/paste it from there, but I’m looking for better suggestions. I’m thinking maybe write them to a file (maybe that could be displayed by a browser?) or open a browser window with it, but the latter violates my “light” directive…



                      Did you look at that GTK LP program? Are you sure you want lp? That really looked nice. That’s a nice looking program.

                      I compiled MTPaint from source on my 19.3 machine, and on this one it’s got the antiX 3.50 version.

                      I do like my “Reduce image size” idea. It makes the pic somewhat smaller (results in pic 80% of original size), saving space and making it come up nicely in MTPaint.

                      After trying it, I don’t like my “xmessage popup with the file info” idea. It soundslike a good idea, and does work, but it’s ancient looking and difficult to copy the text from. I checked and the text didn’t just paste in to geany from copy to the clipboard, so I need to do something to make it usable.

                      I didn’t try the other options added to ~.mtpaint
                      fact1Name = Upload to Imgur
                      fact1Command = %f
                      fact2Name = Print image
                      fact2Command = lp %f
                      fact3Name = Email via XDG-Email
                      fact3Command = xdg-email –attach %f
                      fact4Name = Email image via Claws-Mail
                      fact4Command = claws-mail -compose -attach %f
                      fact5Name = Send image to Firefox-ESR
                      fact5Command = firefox-esr %f
                      fact6Name = Send image to OpenOffice
                      fact6Command = soffice %f

                      PS: I added a second zip file. It has a better version of ~/.mtpaint which has Dillo opening the html that offers bot the current and installed documentation

                      I’m starting to think about having write a little html file with the links to imgur for the files uploaded, and then open them with Dillo?

                      LOL, anticapitalista would like that, nice and light… Maybe someone has a better idea to avoid the xmessage lackings issue… I think it would best be a program capable of actually opening the URL from the web so you can see what you posted.

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                        I also need to create a script to setup MTPaint ffor easy annotation, and then run it when MTPaint starts up.


                          entertaining to think of sending self a [claws] email to yourself the imgur links.


                            For the Imgur upload URL problem, I tried a YAD window, but I can’t copy text from them. I might try GTK Dialog next. It could offer to open the URL it was uploaded to in your browser, which is probably the most likely thing you would want to do after uploading it.


                              Thank you to all posting here,
                              Self compiled mtPaint 3.51 on Bullseye, flagged GTK 3, seems much less buggy than what I was
                              getting from any repo for 19.3.

                              Using the suggestions from here, opening with claws, palemoon, fine now. Printing not yet but I think
                              that is due my setup, brother is sometimes a bit touchy.

                              Für Deutsche Nützer durfte von Interesse sein.
                              Dort gibt es kein komplette Handbuch aber doch recht viel info.
                              Als Skelett für ein antiX Hilfe sicher gut zu gebrauchen.

                              Spanish. Maybe interesting.
                              From Buenos Aires Ciudad tutorial de las aplicaciones MtPaint. Espanol.

                              Maybe ThakurMSh can take a look here.


                                how about Not sending the email, but
                                having the composer window pop-up with the link?
                                seamonkey does it with -edit <url>
                                claws mail does it with , example,
                                claws-mail –compose “mailto:bobc@forremm.not?body=http:/aimgur.coom/uploadlink”
                                a claws-mail window will open with the composed information.
                                However the link you placed into xmessage, do the same value for body=.
                                save as draft is a harmless way to save it. (?) or copy to somewhere and close window without save to not create additional deferred maintenance. (?)
                                Lovely day.

                                ((( by the way lximage tries to have simple edit, upload. for me they are empty buttons(?) i struggle with mention this or not. thereitis. maybe it works with full lxqtde?)))


                                  Got it!


                                  Opening via Dillo after uploading to Imgur worked real well.

                                  I created a revised zip file… Is anyone daring enough to try it? Comments/Complaints/Suggestions?

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