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      dillo get this for imgur.


        Looks like we need to use antix-viewer or your default browser, then.

        MEH… For Imgur upload I switched it to xdg-open. Whatever your browser is set at…

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        Daily driver distro


          Thank you to all posting here,
          Self compiled mtPaint 3.51 on Bullseye, flagged GTK 3, seems much less buggy than what I was
          getting from any repo for 19.3.

          Using the suggestions from here, opening with claws, palemoon, fine now. Printing not yet but I think
          that is due my setup, brother is sometimes a bit touchy.

          Für Deutsche Nützer durfte von Interesse sein.
          Dort gibt es kein komplette Handbuch aber doch recht viel info.
          Als Skelett für ein antiX Hilfe sicher gut zu gebrauchen.

          Spanish. Maybe interesting.
          From Buenos Aires Ciudad tutorial de las aplicaciones MtPaint. Espanol.

          Maybe ThakurMSh can take a look here.

          If I had a list of links with text to paste into my little Help HTML, that would be at least something to offer non-english speakers. It looks like the handbook is in British English and another language I don’t know, only, otherwise.

          The only file changed to use xdg-open was the imgur script. The zip file attached just has that one line change.


          Daily driver distro


            Hi BobC,
            only complete manual seems to be in english with a lot of (some very short intros) scattered over the net in other languages.
            Will see what else I am able to find.
            The user interface is translated in quite a few languages, uses the int flag if self compiling.

            I am hoping mtPaint comes in to repos as a latest version deb, along with nomacs, the combo is extremely useful, rarely need the
            heavyweights like gimp now.

            Do have to repeat that the repo versions (MX or Debian) are way more buggy than latest compiled
            from source, for a wider audience not so encouraging.


              Do have to repeat that the repo versions (MX or Debian) are way more buggy than latest compiled
              from source, for a wider audience not so encouraging.

              the bullseye alpha topic would be a good place to mention this. As the chosen (curated, preinstalled) “drawing” application, it seems fitting to ship the best version of the program ~~ especially if you good folks are going to assemble extra translated docs for it.

              If I had a list of links with text to paste into my little Help HTML, that would be at least something to offer non-english speakers.

              20+ Sites to translate text for free

              14 day free trial (perhaps register using a throwaway email address, or gmail alias, or alias)
              slurp documents residing in gitlab project repositories

              How long is the documentation webpage?
              google translate will accept 5000char (at a time) pasted into the left pane.
              I tested ~~ it translated the visible text and left the strings within html tags intact and undisturbed


                Ok, the only thing left is any more HTML links or any problems found. If anyone would try it, let me know…

                Changes were as follows:
                1. Reduce the image to 80% of original size (using MTPaint –cmd) to reduce file size and so full screen captures are easy to edit
                2. Change image preview to be optional, if selected, preview as before
                3. Make Choose Directory optional and default to $XDG_PICTURES_DIR, if selected, allow user to select as before
                4. Default to Use counter if file exists. If unselected and file exists, ask user what to do as before
                5. Default to Open with MTPaint. Xdotool is used to run an internal setup script2 in MTPaint to set circle brush 3 wide and set flow to 12 so Arrowheads will appear if added at the end with A or S key
                6. Added Action options to MTPaint to:
                a. Upload image to Imgur and then open the page with default browser with xdg-open. Added script for this
                b. Print image with gtklp (already included in antiX 21)
                c. Email image as attachment with default email program xdg-email
                d. Email image as attachment with claws-mail
                e. Open image with firefox-esr
                f. Open image with LibreOffice Draw
                7. Add HTML help page with links to both installed documents and current web based documents

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                  hello BobC and everyone
                  Your pace with new features is far ahead of my plodding.
                  Found where Robin just worked this. Thanks Robin, yes I had a scr folder intact.
                  My excuse for sharing this

                  for spacefm — desktop users to trial

                  Not get locked on spacefmdesktop if click on spacefmDesktop, when Custom Area is selection.
                  This closes spacefm windows and starts spacefmDesktop,
                  so not really to use when not running spacefmdesktop. It will not hurt other desktops. (?)
                  Tested on Buster and with dual monitor.

                  Where not running spacefmDesktop, then
                  Remove the spacefm entries five(5) them (, and a sleep or two, where following. i dislike sleep.)

                  Screenshot SpaceFMDesktop User Survival Special Edition
                  Offering Automatic mtpaint record


                    I tried it with 19.3 Full and the standard antixscreenshot, and its a conflict with the spacefm desktop and the current utility that takes the pic. I wasn’t aware there was a problem, but don’t have a solution for that.

                    Any suggestions?

                    Daily driver distro


                      ” suggestions?” Yes. trial antixscreenshotSpaceDesktop for intervention workaround.
                      scrot has quirks. the spacedesktop thing, a selected window comes back above other windows and takes some clicking around, lowered window selection not desired result so visible windows only, the save-as chooser needs to save with the enter key- currrently enter key not work needs a click on chooser, the screenshooter dialog for thumbnail size fails with entry value over 100 it could be limited to two digits (?) ,,,

                      The exit icon on gtklp is a running man. How do you like that?

                      The part about selected window coming back above other windows is related same problem that is spacefmdesktop fully problematic.
                      The difference is unique fullscreen nature of desktop_manager borderless active Above window there is no clicking around it (drag.) the spacefm workaround is just for that one case, though it is happening to every time the selected window. so rectangle-select them instead and keep breezing along with antixscreenshot.
                      I don’t know why it is not the same for rox desktop.
                      A full screen rectangle selection does not have problem. Selection of full-screen-windows window have some gap usually a border. Full windows not well-tested. When said full-screen-window means maximized.

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                        Actually, I loaded my version onto 19.3 with SpaceFM desktop running and it doesn’t have the crazy screen problem because as part of my streamlining of the workflow I turned off the preview which is what seemes to be causing problems for SpaceFM. Of course if you turn on the preview option it will have the same problem.

                        The same thing goes for entering an irrational thumbnail percentage. Of course a sanity check could be added to avoid that problem.

                        Daily driver distro


                          “suggestions?” Ya. get rid of the kill space and start space and promise never to click on spacedesktop.
                          And there will still be a few stumped users who click on the desktop.
                          It is not Your script at fault. Keep forward with it. scrot will change (?)
                          right now i got kill alll feh and space; still like it. With the workaround script i can have a screenshot of spacefmdesktop comfortably anytime. i can get rid of losing spacefm anytime with my promise to not click on desktop with Screenshot.


                            I love SpaceFM the file manager, but I don’t use any desktop normally.


                            Daily driver distro


                              the toolbar is not a part of the spacefm desktop. neither is that other stuff rox terminal nor other. spacefmdesktop is wallpaper and desktop icons.


                                I looked at the code you posted. I am not an expert on the SpaceFM desktop. What were you solving by killing it and restarting it?

                                Are there any other effects of doing that? I bet if there were SpaceFM file manager sessions running, they would get killed, even if they were in the middle of doing things, which maybe wasn’t expected.

                                Again, I don’t normally run the SpaceFM or Rox desktops myself.

                                PS: I talked to Robin and checked my code, and it includes the fix anticapitalista put in to handle if someone already has a ~/scr folder.

                                Daily driver distro


                                  If scrot was the problem, there are other programs that take screenshots. I found one called maim in the repos. I don’t know much about it other than it’s supposed to be a replacement for scrot.

                                  Daily driver distro

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