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    Yes, BobC, Having Fun,
    for weeks now, is long time fun, wither from adept,
    Doing antiX Screenshot equivalent to overnight assignment. hello everyone.

    here is antiX Screenshot [gtkdialog] [+bash (?)]
    up against screencapture applications
    lximage-qt-screenshot, mirage, mtpaint


    Hello anticapitalista-san
    Hello BobC and everyone

    screenshot-antix0.2.7 has no check for existing “-thumb”

    Allowing -thumb no overwrite protection.


    Hello BobC and everyone
    Frames per second?
    Take a bite out of your Desktop instantly
    with this antiXScreenshot captureIN version.

    Launch of Screenshot puts a Fullscreen capture into file.
    The saved file is file name INcaptur with timestamp.
    The dialog window offers processing options.
    OK brings preview before save and mtpaint after save.

    Files that are saved automatically and overwrite protection saves will have the timestamp of the Fullscreen capture that is saved automatically at the beginning of Screenshot, instead of numeral. timestamp.

    Files can bypass chooser; the file extension check is not moved [into save_shot] in this capturIN one (like moved in 7dash6.)
    Do all files need that check or is inside the chooser sufficient for EXT check or where it belongs placement?

    In the dialog window Multipe screenshots is that interchangeable with Repeat screenshots

    Timestamp replaces check for existing. Timestamp replaces looped variable.

    and it is snappy. or is that too much pun , ,


    Can anyone confirm whether MTPaint works in other languages or just English? I wonder if that was why skidoo suggested a different graphics program? Again, my purpose was to be able to make annotations on the picture, and perhaps make other simple changes, without adding lots of code to the distro. If MTPaint doesn’t do languages well, that’s a question for anti, I think, but we could minimize the effect by taking the external call functions like uploading to Imgur, or calling LibreOffice Draw or the web browser, and doing them instead from the script where we can control the translation.

    ile, I would be willing to try your revised program if I understood all of the things it was supposed to do differently. A good way to explain that is with an itemized list with a short but clear explanation next to each change or additional feature. Then someone can go item by item and try those changes. If you would post your latest version to go with it, I would give it a try. I have no objection to other useful functionality, and don’t have an NIH complex.

    I don’t think anticapitalista is reading this thread (if anyone else at all), but could be wrong. Maybe we should be trying to do this in gitlab so its easier for him to integrate. As always, we need to learn new tricks to move the ball forward. I was trying to do this for antiX 21, but it would be nice if it also worked for older versions if at all possible.


    its package does provide localizations. See:
    dpkg -L mtpaint
    (or peek online

    Can anyone confirm whether MTPaint works in other languages

    maybe BobC can test to confirm, with this commandstring:
    (not a valid test if your system has “localepurge” package installed)

    LANG=”es_ES.UTF-8″ mtpaint

    I recently discovered there is (was, it was produced years back by the original mtpaint author) an html format “mtpaint handbook”. It is not included in debian’s packaged version of mtpaint.

    March 5 (post 55402) BobC wrote:

    I asked the MTPaint devs about…

    ?dev, singular (upstream maintainer)
    It took a while for me to figure out (find) that you meant here:

    was why skidoo suggested a different graphics program?

    explaining “why” is complicated. IMO, the mtpaint program is not “best of breed, best in class”, nor does it fit the description “do one thing, do it well”, nor does it provide functionality to span all of the steps in a typical graphics project workflow. After having kids repeatedly ask “How do I” (sorry, but it can’t) and “I can’t figure out how to suchandsuch” (sorry, but I don’t know if it can do suchandsuch)… I stopped apologizing and, instead, began suggesting alternative programs for them to install and tryout.


    Hello BobC and everyone
    Trial for antixscreenshot. s h
    first script saves to file with timestamp.
    second script saves to file name constant [BobCscr] numbered.

    no pop-ups.
    Work with saved-file,
    annotate in mtpaint.

    #! /bin/bash
    scrot -q  89 -e 'mtpaint $f' &
    #! /bin/bash
    scrot -q 89 BobCscr -e 'mtpaint $f' &

    third script
    my favorite, ( though i prefer the Previews confirmation of version captureIN .zip in #56152 )
    pardon the customizing interruption
    of, =one processing option=
    one pop-up; being
    =the selector for Custom rectangle Area selection.
    Work with saved-file,
    annotate in mtpaint.

    #! /bin/bash
    scrot --line width=2,color="ivory" -s -q 89 -e 'mtpaint $f' &


    tempted to refer to this third script as captureIN_”express”.. antiX screenshot… (?) screencuta

    these can be submenu items ,
    asking it to make thumbnail 97% is like asking it to make two copies.

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    Hello BobC and everyone
    Where in menu do you want the screenshot button?
    i am curious. desktop, personal, office, graphics, accessories ?
    example of taking it to menu
    suppose in fluxbox

            [submenu] (Capture) {Screenshot} </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/apps/applications-graphics.png>
                [exec] (Full+    gui) {} </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/apps/gnome-screenshot.png>
                [nop] (saved /home/user _scrot)
                [exec] (rectangle -express cut) { sleep 1s;scrot --line width=2,color="ivory" -s -q 89 -e 'mtpaint $f' & } </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/apps/applications-graphics.png>
                [exec] (rectangle+ 70%     cut) { sleep 1s;scrot --line width=2,color="ivory" -s -t 72 -q 89 -e 'mtpaint $f' & } </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/apps/applications-graphics.png>
                [exec] (Duplicate -express cut) { sleep 1s;scrot --line width=2,color="ivory" -s -q 89 -t 97 -e 'mtpaint $f' & } </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/apps/applications-graphics.png>
                [exec] (Full+ 70% -express    ) { sleep 1s;scrot -q 89 -t 72 -e 'mtpaint $f' & } </usr/share/icons/papirus-antix/48x48/apps/mtpaint.png>

    Hello BobC and everyone
    scrot will not overwrite.
    Original and -thumb protected.
    Unspecified file name uses default timestamp.
    Specified file name uses numbering; this becomes awkward
    with occasional use of -thumb; the name sort becomes difficult.

    That giving a file a name forces date sort.
    Giving a file a date allows name sort.

    Can antiX Screenshot gui dialog default to this timestamp naming
    When the filename text box is blank? be great feature. (?)

    edit add Having now checked what happens with a blank text box in gui =
    on =antixscreenshot0.2.7 script a file named blank with the selected extension is the name it sees; the file named ” .jpg” will be overwritten with a blank textbox for name in gui.

    on =antixscreenshotcaptureIN script a file name blanked with the timestamp and the selected extension is the name it sees; the file named “timestamp.png” will be created with a blank textbox for name in gui. good feature. (?)

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    @BobC I can confirm mtpaint is fully localised, at least in German language. This is true for antix 17.4.1 as well as for antiX 19.3, completely upgraded to recent antiX-reops both. And it opens fine for editing the screenshot also in both versions.

    As I had written in PM, mtpaint is fine for quick highlighting of some regions on a screenshot. Only for the reduction I would consider to use the convert command from imagemagick instead, which would render the script usable on both antiX generations. Let me quote from my PM to you:

    on antiX 17.4.1:

    – The reducing option doesn’t work. Instead an empty mtpaint window opens, followed by error message: “File doesn’t exist”
    At the right side of the mtpaint window are the commands for reducing the file displayed, along with the filename. I checked the file, and it exists on the drive, but mtpaint doesn’t seem to see it for some reason.


    Why don’t you utilise imagemagic “convert” command for this conversion? If I’m not mistaken, IM was preinstalled in my antiX. So simply the line
    convert screenshot.jpg -resize 80% screenshot_reduced.jpg
    would do the job also. Or is imagemagick no longer in antiX preinstalled (or was it never, and I was wrong)?

    There is hardly anything imagemagick can’t do when it comes to automatised image processing.


    Hi Robin, Thanks for checking MTPaint. On the File menu of MTPaint is an Action option which brings up a list of Actions that you can run. Is the list translated to German, or in English? Also, I noticed on the screenshot you made that the version shown at the top is 3.40. Is there a newer version available?

    PS: Yes, I tried the convert program and it does the resize as well as MTPaint did it, but I’m not sure it’s a good idea to add that program to the dependencies list when MTPaint needs to be there already.

    PS: I see the error. I will try it on mine. I don’t have a 17.4.1 antiX version running anymore. I assume its the 386 full version?

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    • This reply was modified 3 weeks, 1 day ago by BobC.

    ile, When I’m writing a NEW program I think it through, make notes as to what I want it to do and best ways to get it done, they try it by hand if I can, then once the workflow accomplishes all the things I set out to do, I write the program. When writing a NEW program, I am usually not worried so much about it working almost exactly the same as another program, but I will try to keep it similar where possible to make it easy for people to convert to my new program if there is a similar one people are used to.

    If I try to create an “improved” version of an existing program that many people are already used to using all the time, I want to only change things that are important to change in order to improve the program, and try to make my changes “backward compatible” if possible. Otherwise people will make mistakes trying to use the program and all benefits will be lost with their frustration.

    In my mind, I was trying to improve the existing screenshot script to leave all of the existing features, remove all the redundant yes/no popups (what is the good of a popup preview where you can’t see the pic?) , and make MTPaint useful for editing, annotating, and processing/sending the screenshots.

    You are advocating many different things, and it seems to me that you are wanting to replace the existing screenshot script in antiX with something else.

    You have presented many ideas, so I don’t have a clear vision of your overall concept. Example: I don’t want to add menu options. People already complain the menu is too crazy. If you want 3 different sizes available use checkboxes or radio boxes, or if it can be variable maybe provide a default value and input field.

    How do you eat an Elephant? One bite at a time… I like to break things down into little bites so my small mind can think through each idea. Each idea should be considered on its merit.

    I’m not good enough at programming here myself to be lecturing, but just consider my concept of thinking it through, making notes, coming up with a prototype, and then once it smells good, then program it…


    Hello BobC
    Hello Robin
    imagemagik is not on antix19 nor alpha at this time. That could be a whole different import screenshot. it was on antix17iso imagemagik.

    mtpaint and antixscreenshot work well. thanks BobC.


    Hello BobC
    “remove all the redundant yes/no popups (what is the good of a popup preview where you can’t see the pic?) ”

    Please explain what you mean about cannot see preview.


    it was on antix17iso imagemagik

    Thanks for the info, @ile. In this case we need to put a conditional branch inside the script simply.

    IF "antix 19.x" then;
      use mtpaint for image reduction
    ELSEIF "antix 17.x"
      use imagemagick for image reduction

    That’s all. I had to do this in my recent aCMSTS script also, since antiX 17 utilises LXterminal, whereas anitX 19 utilises ROXterm. It might be also distinguished by the version number of mtpaint, since ( @BobC ) there is no more recent mtpaint version above 3.40 installable on antiX 17, whereas antiX 19 provides version 3.50. This difference seems to cause the failure I discribed, they have added some new functionality concerning the commandline options of the program.

    Finally, you are right, BobC, this specific flyout menu is not translated indeed. It has escaped my attention, I’m sorry. And yes, I’m on 32Bit, I don’t have any 64bit equipment. Full version of antiX, from USB stick still, with persistence activated. Recently apt upgraded completely.

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    • This reply was modified 3 weeks, 1 day ago by Robin.
    • This reply was modified 3 weeks, 1 day ago by Robin.

    ile, the preview pops up and a question box pops up, but the preview is only 640×480 so you only see a little bit of it by default. Ok, so click it to full screen, now click it to close it, now answer the question. I would like it just to take the pic and tweak it a little so it fits the screen, and then open it in MTPaint setup to annotate so I can do whatever I want with it. No questions or clicks needed.

    Robin, I asked over on the MX board if they could update MTPaint in the repos to the current code and also provide versions for 17.4.1. That would be the nicer solution if possible. I don’t know about the translation for the actions menu. Another possibility would be to bring up a translatable Actions dialog when you exit MTPaint that would provide those same functions outside of MTPaint.

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