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    hello everyone
    Remove <frame Multiple
    AGAIN option Removed
    looks like this


    Hello BobC and everyone How are you doing?
    front page example at ffmpeg
    suggests antixscreenshot can offer
    file type webp, with a convert command in ffmpeg

    ffmpeg -i /home/user/fi1enameinput.jpg /home/user/outputfi111enameorsame.webp
    ffmpeg -i input.fmt output.fmt

    In antixscreenshot a secondary file to jpg can be created webp.(?) if type webp is selected(? )

    As option in mtpaint it can be Action to create secondary webp file(?)

    Is it a feature to have available webp image format?

    What do you think?


    Hello BobC and everyone
    Share of samples.

    This edition of antixscreenshotcaptureIn saves .webp copy.
    Included webp in File type.
    This example uses ffmpeg to convert and save secondary file webp from saved jpg.

    Edit: with warning
    Found in this script when check extension condition in user-input-chooser Name fails, the loop is more the spiral; processes with each fail.

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    Hello BobC and everyone
    With webp like the previous , but a change,

    This script is changed handling file chooser Naming behavior.



    Hello BobC and everyone
    Which of the words “Express, Pro” do you think will “have more hits” attention, in your opinion,
    antiXscreenshot-Express or antiXscreenshot-Pro
    just hypothetically. Just aside to discuss the impact of a word. I will guess Pro to get more attention. just a guess. What is in a word.
    What do you think?



    Hello BobC and everyone
    On the subject of File type in antixscreenshot:
    xpm selection gives no image.

    remove the xpm option? or make the xpm option function?
    Would you miss it if xpm is absent?

    ,, is making xpm a mtpaint capacity? a screenshot capacity?


    I don’t use XPM’s unless I am required to, for example as icons. I don’t see that as a big reason to take a screenshot.

    I shouldn’t say that I know what others want. I gave it a good shot, I thought, but I can’t do anything to make new code work in 17.4.1 without help from the Devs, for example. I’m not sure the streamlining and easy annotation are important to most people.

    If you are wanting to work on something to be included in the distro it makes sense to offer features people like, and that the distro’s decision makers agree with.


    having xpm on the list is as a inbuilt test to get to the Sorry.did not save message , , .
    Good for that.


    Hello BobC and everyone

    png from scrot in antixscreenshot
    pinta png to jpg (oh well)
    mtpaint File, Save as, xpm (with some editing needed at some files)
    ffmpeg png to webp (not the jpg. it shrunk the png in this case)
    mtpaint png to bmp
    mtpaint png to tiff


    Hello BobC and everyone annotate emojitate? glyphtate (?) How are you doing?
    mtpaint Paste Text, types or paste arrow symbols. Size using font size, mtpaint.

    built-in icon select-all replace cube box look in taskbar,tried some on the inbuilt icon list.

    png fling


    I found MX has a different screenshot utility, and there are some advantages to it.

    Without the newest MTPaint in the repos my concept won’t work for others. I asked for it to be updated, but there hasn’t been a reply from the Dev, so I have mine working on my PC, but that’s all I can do.

    I would guess the Dev’s are busy with bullseye work, so enhancements need to wait till time is available.


    Hello BobC and Everyone
    Shame on, we remiss on mtpaint Actions to mention
    shortcuts to antixscreenshot !
    add some shortcut-commands. one to antixscreenshot and one to the scrot one-line command, that Moddit introduced screenshot opening in mtpaint and I gave three examples (recommend number third,fits anywhere as launcher button.)
    Put Screenshot in mtpaint Actions menu. (?)


    The MX version was interesting because it did one prompt before the shot to define how to thake it, then a 2nd prompt after to decide what to do with it. Using that methodology, my version wouldn’t need the MTPaint action list, which does not get translated. The dialog box does get translated, so that is a big advantage.

    Anyway, without the newer MTPaint, it is not nice how I needed to use xdotool running keyboard shortcuts to get MTPaint setup to do annotation easily.

    There are many ways to do things. None is necessarily right or wrong, but the overall feel and ease of getting good results for anyone are the things I look for.

    It looks to me like there isn’t much interest in this feature for the distro, so I’ll just bow out unless my help is wanted.


    Well, BobC, as I said before: I believe your Idea to hand over the presentation of the image in the end to mtpaint is a real improvement, also the reduction of popup boxes to the absolute essential questions I do really appreciate.

    Although I believe the bouquet of ideas ile has presented is worth to think about, I feel all of them to be quite half-baked still. We should separate the two approaches from each other: the one, making some slight improvements in handling to the original antiX screenshot script on the one hand, and the second one, a concept for a completely new design for this tool as ile aims at on the other hand.

    So please, let’s do things step by step. We will come to nowhere, if we try to turn things on their head before there is a clear concept. @ile : Could you think about a convenient workflow for all the options your modifications allow? Think about what is needed to put your ideas under the headline “mean and lean” (and easy to handle). People need to understand intuitively what they can achieve using your user interface. And think what is essential to have while taking a screenshot. (Please allow me the question: are you an English native speaker? Since I’m not, I can’t differentiate this, but many of your postings here I can’t hardly understand, so I can’t see what your modifications are targeted at.)

    @BobC : I was in doubt whether they would upgrade mtpaint to 3.50 version in the old antiX version, since it is much easier to branch within the script for the two versions. But I still do have your modified script code here from last testing, so I’ll try to make it work on antiX 17.4.1 by adding some few lines.
    I will do what I can to help you with the 17.4.1 antiX. But please take into account I don’t have that much time, and moreover I’m struggling with the 19.3 to make it work on my notebook finally (which makes some progress meanwhile. This has to be ready for use at the latest the very moment 17.4.1 will reach EOL).



    Hi BobC, I am following and interested in your mods to the screenshot tool,
    have also compiled and installed latest MTpaint which I find rather useful.
    Still hoping that we might see the updated MTpaint tool in repos along with
    your improvements.
    I am also using nomacs alongside MTpaint for some jobs.
    Unfortunately nomacs seems to be without devs at present. Community will I hope
    pick up on that as it is a good tool.

    Regarding the ideas ile has put up, not knocking but I have somewhat lost track,
    a clear and understandable concept still seems to be developing. Once clarity is
    acheived we can weigh up arguments, test use cases and integrate what we wish for.

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