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    Hello BobC and everyone
    What is your style. What are your favorite annotating symbols?
    A heart? a plus sign?
    Maybe you use your least favorite correction symbols the most. ,
    Something not on the keyboard, arrows? daggers. smilies.

    By creating a register of text symbols
    from the unicode chart
    of “My Favorite Annotating Symbols”
    in this example is pasted from chart into leafpad saved as “arrows” in /home/user/

    add a shortcut in the mtpaint Actions menu for opening the file /arrows

    brings the symbols available for PasteText feature in mtpaint.
    copy and paste your symbols into the PasteText box. [single character] PasteText.
    paste symbols, arrows. size with font size in text box. colorize, placement, manipulate with mtpaint. annotate with your favorite symbols. The text will become image.

    Wish you an all-smilies and stars annotation day.


    Hello Moddit
    For Reliable antiXscreenshot chassis is my goal.

    antixscreenshot at the heart, the center; same dialog options.


    ile, It doesn’t matter what icon because there is no function for the icon to perform. Within the picture editor program, what would be best would be an “Draw Pointer and Annotate” function where you would point, then left click to create the arrowhead and anchor your line, then draw your line by dragging, click again to anchor to make a turn, and then just type the text whenever you get to where you want it. Right click would allow you to change the font, color, line thickness, and possibly arrowhead style.

    I tried the MX screenshot program. The “take a screenshot” part of the interface was fine. After it took the screenshot it came back with another dialog which showed a mini preview version of the pic right there. I did like that mini preview.

    It did not have an annotation oriented pic editor. It can Save the pic, Copy it to the clipboard, Run a program from a pulldown list, or Host on Imgur. My ideal workflow is to take a pic, edit/annotate it, and then send or post it. Note that the MX screenshot doesn’t come back to the dialog after running the program, so you can’t edit then send easily.

    The program pulldown list has:
    1. FEH – Wasn’t able to add text or draw line with arrowhead.
    2. Firefox – Maybe they expect I will find a Web based Annotation tool?
    3. GIMP is THE picture editor – It is a very complex program. Too complex for me. It was able to add text. It can’t draw a line with an arrow at the end.
    4. ImageMagick – It was able add text with its “Annotate” function, but couldn’t draw a line with an arrowhead at the end.
    5. Nomacs – Wasn’t able to add text or draw line with arrowhead

    MTPaint was better than any of these at editing and annotating the pic.

    PS: the MX screenshot program is an XFCE program, not a script, so not something reasonable for me to tweak. The mini preview and parts of the dialog sequence are interesting, though. I would expect the newer MTPaint will get to the antiX repos, but don’t know when.

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    Thanks to All., for your guidance.

    Performing antiXscreenshot. s,h is


    in “Screenshot”




    Hello BobC and Everyone
    hello skidoo. good INput. Thanks.

    This made for a more interesting way to look at the <rgbpaint> package

    #! /bin/bash
    cd /home/$USER
    export DIALOG=$(cat <<End_of_Text 
    <window title="antiXscreenshot" icon-name="gtk-missing-image" window-position="1">
            <frame Hello>
                <frame <code>gettext $&quot;working Copy&quot;</code>>
                <text use-markup="true" width-chars="15">
                <label>"<code>gettext $&quot;deSize(11-99)%&quot;</code>"</label>
            <item><code>gettext $&quot;97&quot;</code></item>
            <item><code>gettext $&quot;92&quot;</code></item>
            <item><code>gettext $&quot;87&quot;</code></item>
            <item><code>gettext $&quot;82&quot;</code></item>
            <item><code>gettext $&quot;75&quot;</code></item>
            <item><code>gettext $&quot;65&quot;</code></item>
            <item><code>gettext $&quot;55&quot;</code></item>
            <item><code>gettext $&quot;45&quot;</code></item>
            <frame <code>gettext $&quot;Delay in seconds&quot;</code>>
     	<button cancel></button>
        <frame   Thank You>
     	<button ok></button>
    I=$IFS; IFS=""
    for STATEMENTS in  $(gtkdialog --program DIALOG); do
      eval $STATEMENTS
    if [ "$EXIT" = "OK" ] ; then
    scrot --line width=2,color="ivory" -s -q 90 -t "$PERC" -d "$DELAY" -p -e 'rgbpaint $m'

    ooh , ,quotation marks ,., use the zip file . please.
    Can substituute mtpaint for rgbpaint
    (or pinta , whatever. mtpaint is a powerhouse isn’t it .

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    Hello BobC and Everyone
    using rgbpaint annotate
    Have look at rgbpaint file chooser file save windows.

    In rgbpaint click Save Image File As >JPEG >OK
    for create third file.jpg. Note Set jpg SaveQuality.

    Teach redundance?
    That is an original tucked away and two throw-away files in different format
    Ready to edit.

    Works in bullseye a2 )


    To save any searches,
    rgbpaint is a feature/function reduced version of mtpaint.

    MTPaint 3.50.09 (titled3.51) built ok today and seems to run nice (on bullseye a2).


    Hello BobC and Everyone

    Subtract all example script entry adaptations
    to have
    True antixscreenshot this
    No extras. antixscreenshot. s,h


    Hello BobC and Everyone
    You are making pinnacle Screenshot tool design ahead of the release cycle is exciting. Anticipating. Thank you.

    A button= Edit Now, Edit Later.

    Show file. checkbox option.

    Our sister named it
    the “opie” button.

    open in editor

    Is working, but, for open in mtpaint output,
    Maybe you can show to me better logic programming checkboxbutton use?
    Opening in mtpaint puts the file into recent files record mtpaint.
    That leads user in the right direction. Alternate Save-As provided in mtpaint.

    mtpaint combining with Screenshot benefit is such a solid feature
    that my vote will be for automatic open-in mtpaint; no option.
    Compare this quiet, option-button version

    brings back; Return of “Take another shot” AGAIN


    Maybe you can show to me better logic programming checkboxbutton use?

    Hurrah, an actual “contains a subject, verb… ends with a questionmark” line!

    If you press the ” quotationmark key (or maybe that key is entirely absent from your keyboard?)
    do you wind up with a pair of ,, comma comma characters?
    FYI, your recent posts have been too incoherent to convey whatever intended meaning. It is often unclear whether the “gibberish? poetry?” is from someone joking… or acting silly… or someone who is just daftly blabbering and pressing keyboard keys. Regardless of the language, “comma comma space comma” seems like gibberish.

    Recently, I got slapped for joking ~~ deemed as inconsiderate toward other participants who do not natively speak my language. Is posting “gibberish” to subforums intended for English discussions not similarly inconsiderate? suggestion: try posting in your native language (in a language-specific subforum) or use or whichever translation service.

    aka CHK
    manpage states: “Initial value is a case insensitive boolean constant (TRUE or FALSE).”

    When user clicks OK (or whatever label, to close the yad window)
    yad “outputs” a pipeSymbol-delimited list of values.
    If, for example, your yad dialog contained 4 CHK controls
    and #1 was CHECKED and #2 was UNchecked and #3 was UNchecked and #4 was UNchecked
    when the user closed the yad dialog, yad would return the following:

    Your script must parse that returned set of values and, conditionally, take appropriate action.

    websearch suggestions:
    yad tutorial
    yad forms tutorial
    yad checkbox examples

    >>> better logic

    In many cases, it may be more appropriate to utilize a “radiolist” set of RD (aka “radio toggle”) controls instead of multiple CHK controls ~~ steering the user to choose among multiple mutually-exclusive options.


    Hello BobC and Everyone
    exxample face of antixscreenshotrpaint

    Is antixscreenshot
    Screenshot application for antiX
    with one additional
    checkbox for open in editor.
    Yes. With checkmark
    When Screenshot files are saved cause immediate open-in-mtpaint (except webp.)


    Placement of the open in mtpaint checkbox
    is adjacent the file Type selector.
    Future mtpaint may have some bearing or tie-in to the handling, the processing mechanism for other file types, xpm and webp and pdf. So keeping it next to file Type may address a future companion connection to choice of file Type.
    Using the current mtpaint version, as it stands now, it is difficult to write into the little box to use mtpaint as the place to create xpm as other type file;
    maybe “mtpaint; other-Type” as the label for the checkbox kept next to the file Type selector, while the Type selection entry for xpm may indicate “other-xpm.” Is that enough to send user in the right direction(?)
    That is the reason for placement in the file name frame, with file Type.
    There are many reasons to open in mtpaint; it is difficult to pick one label.


    Earlier, I wondered whether the comparatively small Cancel button was a “happy accident” due to accidental inclusion of an extra frame element, or represented a clever, intentional, design layout intended to minimize the risk of user mistakenly clicking Cancel. Glancing at the “scrat2021099192713-thumb.png”, the stray “quotationmark space space Thank You” suggests that the code is indeed malformed ~~ probably due to an unpaired or unescaped quotationmark character.

    re: “mtpaint; other-Type”

    That detail could be incorporated into the choices offered via SaveAs combobox:
    other (sendTo mtpaint)


    Hello BobC and Everyone

    “Enter Your Name Here

    love You skidoo

    (Can we have the Happy button send a good email of appreciation to BobC?)

    Forcing whitespace trial in text. 10-4.
    Do take care with the code hyphen in ” -thumb” trial.

    <whoami>. Thank You
    Thank you

    file-Type. I wait to see mtpaint new release to revisit evaluation.

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