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    Hello BobC and Everyone
    It is glaring “(except webp)” oversight.
    re: equipping the Open in mtpaint button

    Inside this script is
    Tackled show webp using check file.webp exists open in mtpaint; it is particular.
    Alternate ff=0 open webp in mtpaint; it is solid.
    Moved to last place to give ffmpeg time to work.
    webp requires time.

    Approve show in mtpaint now no exceptions. mtpaint shows all, when summoned.

    It is possible to have mtpaint ask for ffmpeg file.webp too soon after starting large of size capture area, full screen, for ffmpeg.webp write to complete.

    I did not test two displays take longer(?) Successful opening in mtpaint of file.webp had a size [or timing] limitation when not set with delay.
    This case extra one second at end of ffmpeg line. followed by the one second in a following line its purpose helps the message box come above.
    Those together are enough for success in this machine with timing of file availablility for mtpaint.
    It may vary by machine.
    Trial Suggests Enlarge the sleep at end of ffmpeg to webp line if you get grey not available mtpaint windows using full screen same time having success with smaller Area shots, when webp selected.


    antixscreenshot1paint2ool look


    I tested your latest code above:

    1. I didn’t understand what the “Manifest” box was for?

    2. Or the “Return antiX Screenshot”?

    3. I also didn’t understand why the default file type is png?

    4. I did like that the preview was shrunk so you could see it all.

    5. I would rather the default folder was /user/Pictures.

    6. I would rather the default delay was 20 not 2 to allow me to get menus into position.

    7. It didn’t run MTPaint or any other program to annotate.

    8. Is it supposed to take .webp video screen shots too? That would be cool, but it would need to know when to stop recording. I tried it but it seemed to just take a picture. I tried to open it with feh (the default), but it didn’t open.

    9. It would be cool if it had a Preferences button to allow you to change the default settings and save them under your user id.

    There are some interesting ideas there…

    PS: I looked at Simplescreenrecorder which is installed by default on antiX 19 full, and it has an option to create a .webm file. I guess I’m not clear on the expected end result…

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    what the “Manifest” box was for?



    PS: There was no option to upload to Imgur or open with other programs like LibreOffice, Firefox, or GIMP, etc


    Hello BobC
    Find RECORD to compare OPENAFTER.

    Starting with that quick rgbpaint screenshot script antixscreenshotmtrgbmtpaint [#57186];

    it used only jpg and png (scrot with png, then save as jpg suggested,)
    so this file type list included is longer for the use of mtpaint replace rgbpaint in the script.
    File type has the script do the name of file; in rgbpaint version scrot did the naming.
    Show in rgbpaint was automatic has now A checkbox to turn-Off the automatic show in mtpaint.

    The nature of antixscreenshotTrue [#57231] is to allow only approved saves.
    The opposite using antixscreenshotrmtpaintok approves unseen files to Pictures directory without pop-up. (depend /Pictures (?) no check. )
    No pre-save actual views like in antixscreenshotTrue and antixscreenshot1paint2ool [#57351 has all options.]

    antixscreenshotrmtpaintok. s,h in zip.


    interestingly about libre office
    cannot open screenshot in loweb soffice –web thingie it goes to Draw.
    Can take same file and drop into loweb to create document(html), but not from screenshot scripting open into –lo –web. can you?

    Can open pqiv to watch ((home/scr*)specify carefully) folders it makes thumbnails 128 or 256 as files create. same as the file manager but bigger in pqiv window. makes for a very busy screen absorbed in screenshots. two displays it could be good (?) overkill when file manager is open. pqiv does slideshow.


    The delay for getting things into place
    is understood.
    A rectangle custom select right now is not showing [scrot] -p –pointer.
    If you need pointer select Full Screen will show pointer and select window content will show pointer. Rectangle is not showing pointer (?) when placing cursor, during delay, inside rectangle before shot.


    Hello BobC and Everyone
    The rmtpaintok is opening one of two saved Pictures.
    Make it show in mtpaint both Pictures with this corrected version: rmtpaintokbar.

    Mixing mix.
    There was one shot in the quick shot bar, did you find it top? FullScreen.
    It is possible to create a custom pertinent launcher, placed somewhere in the window.
    (I like it with just the one quickshot button; the next choice is OKay when there is just one quick shot entry. shorter. With the one entry it is about the size of conky.)

    Happy Hour at the quick shot bar introducing quick shots and launchers

    antixscreenshotrmtpaintok. s,h. OK shows only -thumb when Show in mtpaint is selected;
    antixscreenshotrmtpaintokbar. s,h. OK shows two files when Show in mtpaint is selected.


    Ok, There are unique ideas there, I’ll admit, but they are more like a completely different set of programs rather than some tweaks to improve the existing one.

    It doesn’t make either right or wrong, or good or bad, just different.

    If you want, perfect your solution, polish it, and convince the Devs to include it.


    Hello BobC and Everyone
    attaching antixscreenshotgen. s,h as zip


    Hello BobC and everyone
    Knowing that antiXscreenshot works with the scrot and feh, local packages included,
    in the ksnip realm of MX-Kde


    Hello BobC and Everyone
    change to antixscreenshotgen, please
    in Region frame
    remove gettext from the set fixed name value Full Screen. (?)
    Is gettext reliable for variable names? script insert matching gettext?

    that change reflected in antixscreenshotgenget. s,h attached


    Hello BobC and Everyone
    added gettext
    how does it look in your locale?
    gettext reaches beyond my trials.
    Is Screenshot working?

    antixscreenshotgengettext. s.h as zip


    Hello BobC and everyone
    how does
    This look in your locale?
    antixscreenshotgetatextah. s,h with mostly antiX word selection back in place.

    I will put forward that thumb copy, scale is not always thumb thumbnail, miniature.

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