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    Hopefully this can provide some insight into the cb metapackage(s)

    This is a collection of files intended to install
    an identical copy of the CrunchBang Waldorf desktop environment
    on a basic command-line-only Debian Wheezy system.
    It will modify and add some system files, install the necessary
    packages and copy configuration files into your home directory.
    These changes might be reversible, but no guarantees are offered,
    and all the usual caveats apply.

    This is NOT an official CrunchBang install medium.
    Any problems you may experience are not the responsibility of
    CrunchBang, although you may possibly be able to resolve some of them
    by asking other users at the CrunchBang Forums…


    Nice catch, skidoo, thanks…

    It provided some clues. I found that it sets install recommends to yes, and then installs cb-metapackage. It shows me that I need to do more digging on the system itself (ie dig out dependents and recommends lists for each package), since none of the repos or packages or source is available. My basic idea was to find all the packages it needs and install them on top of antiX core, and overlay the settings from the installed CB-11 system I have. Maybe its not very doable…

    Still not sure its worth reincarnating…

    PS: The other thing it shows is a way to do something like this via an install from git on top of something else, similar to the arcolinuxd install methodology.

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    Porteus – based on Slackware, keep an eye on it now that Slackware has announced kind of an 15.0 alpha. Porteus has kind of been waiting for the shoe to drop with an actual Slackware release since the last, although there have been a few Porteus RC’s of the current stuff and other custom side projects in the meantime …..

    Slitaz – New server hardware and revived interest from key devs may spark some new life into it. Most of us running the rolling release versions have noticed that even though the official kernel is 3.16.55, various components from LXDE, busybox, nano and other programs try to keep up with the latest even though the kernel isn’t the latest. That could change.

    The review does miss some stuff – like the fact that reasons to avoid some distros being the lack of web-based iso-cookers is sometimes done for other reasons: that many users wouldn’t take the time to remaster locally, and instead hammer the iso cooker servers making 15 different iso’s for themselves each hour – “this time I’ll add nano to it!”

    Tinycore – a common mistake is to think of “CorePlus” as one of the versions you run permanently, rather than being an installer loaded with stuff like plenty of wireless, remastering tools, and usb makers to get one over that initial hump if lack of wired access or hardware difficulties arrive with the leaner Core and TinyCore versions.

    Thing is, all of these projects rely on user participation and contribution to keep them alive, rather than just endless requests to be something different. 🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)
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