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    Hi all, I was just reading about some of the discussion in Barcelona. Some I agree with like making it easy to have current programm versions. A lot of selfless words rom Robert McQueen of der Gnome Foundation. He is one of the founders
    of Open-Source-Firma Collabora, CEO Endless OS and Sits at top of Gnome Foundation.
    Among other claims distributing software in formats like DEB is old fashioned and we should all use what Red Rat and Buntu like and love, Flatpack and Snap. Pushing flathub as the master system and introducing Payment, at first voluntary, to Gnome Foundation it seems. Trying to pull over devs to a monoculture of devious trash like gnome. I stopped using flashy KDE long ago so unable to comment on that. My gnome experience was to put it mildly, awful.
    If you have tried to use Flatpack in anything more complicated than a single desktop system you will know why I hate it as much as the crappy Gnome. We tried with Libreoffice, the result was that the master system of templates and assignments from School servers was unable to communicate with the test systems due to sandboxing of the app. Coworking on a document became a nightmare. Trying to fix that drove not just me but a highly experienced network planner and programmierer nuts.
    No way never ever will we support that shit, its worse than windows.
    One poster in Heise Forum describes better than what I am able the results of trying to use that kind of application in a business.
    Sorry it is a lot to translate but I guess anyone interested can understand what the robot in the internet makes of it.
    Where my daughter goes to school there are roundabout 700 systems logged in, every hour… of those most are user owned, some smartphones but mainly Laptops. We need to get work done not play, Generaly AntiX is up to getting things working efficiently but still some niggling problems at times chasing prospective users in to the stores for a new system with pre installed win 10 spyware..

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