Crouton and Emulators with Linux on Chromebook Still Not Good Enough

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      @Brian, you are correct. I do work with a lot of old equipment. This comes as a by-product of my business handing old computers down to me as we upgrade the systems in the store. I also get some hand-me-downs from people who know I like computers or customers who have upgraded and give me their old stuff. I got quite a few for a while when people were disposing their old stuff at the landfill. This Pentium 4 I am using today (and is connected to this antiX forum right now in real time) was one such machine. I had previously used it at the store as a backup machine in the office. But it’s no longer useful there so I brought it home to play with. It runs antiX-21-b2 just fine – all in 512MB of RAM. But it is not suitable for CloudReady.

      I installed CloudReady on a Dual Core AMD that I was given by a customer. I added some RAM and a second hard drive. It runs ChromiumOS very good and I imagine it is similar to an older Chromebook in performance, even though I have never owned a Chromebook yet.

      It was my curiosity about Chrome OS that got me started experimenting with this CloudReady. I already had several machines and I did not feel the need to purchase a Chromebook just yet. For now I am sticking with this Dual Core AMD and CloudReady. I dual boot into antiX and MX on the second hard drive.


    Viewing 16 post (of 16 total)
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